Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday....Day 9

This post is going to be lame. I admit it openly and freely. I am having internet connection problems at home and SBC/AT&T (remember them?) hasn't been very forthcoming in helping me solve this problem. I keep telling them I need a new modem since the one I currently have is approximately 8 years old. I have upgraded my computer twice in that time AND have a wireless router connected to it AND upgraded last year to a "better, faster DSL speed". Yeah. Okay. And what good is that, exactly, when my modem is 8 years old? In the technology world it might as well be from 1980 and the size of my bedroom. That's how useful it is.


I will announce the Starbucks winner tomorrow. I have pictures. They are on my laptop...but I may have to hit Starbucks for their wireless connection to do it.

And anyway, today is Sunday. It's the day of rest. Even people who ramble insignificantly need to rest. I prayed at church this morning for my internet connection to be working when I got home. It didn't work. I guess God really meant it with the whole "rest" thing.

Here's hoping for better blogging tomorrow!


  1. Don't know if Rick has connections in Cali, but I will check! Hoping you et a new modem sson!

  2. Phew! I was worried you were going to miss Sunday.

  3. CRap Cheri I hope you get this internet thing figured out cause I am missing you

  4. That whole internet thing is enough to make one rethink intravenous drug abuse, huh?

    You still free this weekend? WHERE is Monika????


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