Monday, March 31, 2008

Jack Diddle-y Squat

He is my new friend. I've become rather close to him recently, especially on my days off from work. He's one of those kinds of friends that could quite easily become a very bad influence, but his willingness to overlook my lack of motivation makes it that much easier for him to suck me in to his vortex.

But Jack's vortex is void of responsibility and stress. It's a place where laundry is silenced in to submission, where ringers on phones get turned off, where delicious and nutritious meals get replaced with bowls of cereal and popcorn, where the bed becomes the most important piece of furniture in the house (geez, it's the ONLY piece of furniture in the house besides the TV...and is that even furniture?), where makeup sits quietly in the bag waiting for attention, where mail's voice of "OPEN ME" is muted, and a place where older children wish and yearn to be a part of but are not invited.

Some things are just not so important here: taxes, bills, housework, personal hygiene and teenagers. My to-do list is paralyzed...frozen in time....defenseless.

I love hanging out at Jack's place. Especially today. My day off work.

So as I sit here eating my popcorn lunch completely ignoring my adult world caving in around me, I wish you a happy Monday! I'm off to hang out with Jack Diddle-y Squat.

I'll introduce you to him one day if you want.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A true challenge for me....







Thanks to my new-found hobby of blog-stalking I ran across this on Lesle's...and I'm gonna try it, although for anybody that knows me I'm really *not* a one-word kinda gal! (note: *not* was added just for Stephanie and Deanna...they like to make fun of my useage of the "*" mark. They suck.)

  1. Where is your cell phone? purse
  2. Your significant other? freakalishious
  3. Your hair? clean-ish
  4. Your mother? wonderful
  5. Your father? memories
  6. Your favorite thing? laughter
  7. Your dream last night? uneventful
  8. Your favorite drink? Arizona
  9. Your dream/goal? happiness
  10. The room you’re in? freezing
  11. Your ex? gone
  12. Your fear? darkness
  13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? released
  14. Where were you last night? unavailable
  15. What you’re not? Peggy
  16. Muffins? topless
  17. One of your wish list items? dramaless
  18. Where you grew up? haven't
  19. The last thing you did? blogged
  20. What are you wearing? comfortable
  21. Your TV? attention-whore (okay, just work with me on the hyphen)
  22. Your pets? loyal
  23. Your computer? entertaining
  24. Your life? transitioning
  25. Your mood? bored
  26. Missing someone? think?
  27. Your car? neglected
  28. Something you’re not wearing? this
  29. Favorite store? delivery
  30. Your summer? distant
  31. Like someone? somemany
  32. Your favorite color? red
  33. When is the last time you laughed? minutes
  34. Last time you cried? yesterday
  35. Who will repost this? lurkers

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is chivalry alive and well?

I'm just not sure. husband is a great person and he really is pretty romantic. I get flowers for no reason a few times a year, he plans little nights out, I get nice thoughtful things for my birthday and know, good stuff!

But at what point did I start having to open my own doors?

I know. I know. I get all that other stuff and yet here I am complaining about not getting a door opened for me anymore. But it's more than the door not being opened for me. Frankly, I'm getting tired of only seeing the backside of Troy as he rushes out the door leaving me in the dust. The guy simply never waits for me.

Case in point:
We went out to dinner recently.
The check came.
I pulled my card out.
The waitress came and took it away.
Cue for Troy to LEAVE me sitting there waiting for the card to come back.
Leave me by myself.
Leave me to walk through the restaurant alone.
Leave me to open the damn door myself.

I asked him when I got outside what the big hurry was. "What do you mean?" Huh? There is nothing else *TO* mean from that statement.

He just. doesn't. get it.

He's really slipping.

And as I am sitting here typing this, I can't recall a single time the man ever laid down his coat over a puddle so I could walk over it. 23 years I've been married to this man and you would think he wouldn't mind getting his coat dirty.

I think I've been jipped.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tagging myself

I'm new to this blogging stuff. But I have lurked around MANY blogs and discovered this "being tagged" thingy. Nobody has tagged me. They must not know I'm here. Yeah. That's it.

So I'm just tagging myself...which kind of resembles asking myself to a dance and standing in the corner alone all night. I got this from my friend's blog where she tagged herself. I'm going with 10 things. Because 10 makes me happy.

And if Cathy reads this....we can tag each other now!

1. The number 10 (it had to be done...)
2. My cute doggies
3. *Real* mail...a card...a letter...anything besides a bill or offer to reduce my mortgage rates.
4. My kids and their silly humor
5. Red tulips
6. Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies
7. A new pair of cute socks
8. The sunroof in my car
9. Chai Lattes
10. Getting to see my bff this weekend

4 night shifts later....

and I reached the end of the internet.

Big place, the internet.

Just sayin'.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Ghetto Queen


I just want to pee every time I see this picture of Deanna!

So while having the CA Crop "slumber party" at my house, Deanna and Stephanie decided to do an impromptu eyebrow session....with Deanna as the model. She so rocks the sharpie eyebrows, dontcha think? There were several shots taken that night (surprised/sexy/confused), but this particular shot is my personal favorite....titled "hangover brows". The expression.....the smudged/smeared brow....priceless!

I love my little ghetto queen. She is so funny. Just like me. =)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

As long as I still have...

these borrowed air mattresses and bedding, it's not over is it? It was so much fun. I haven't laughed continuously that long in a very long time. It was so fun getting to see everyone again...and meet new scrappers, too.


Big shout out thanks to the following gals that contributed to the wonderful weekend:
Patti S....such an incredible woman! What a food spread Friday and Saturday. Love her!
Monika....thanks for the food at my house and for bringing extra bathroom necessities. Sharing trips to the airport was awesome! Sorry about your run-in with the law. lol!
Stephanie....Thanks for providing air mattresses (and my son is still sleeping with your blanket)
Deanna....Another mattress provider and for staying up all night (well, except for that last crucial hour) on Saturday with me for that oh-so-early trip to the airport Sunday.
Theresa...mattress and bedding supporter. And for sitting with me on Saturday!
Claudia....your challenge was so fun and my little treat bag was awesome. I truly adore you. I'm in trouble after using your camera, though. I've got this *itch* .....
Noel....AWESOME goodie bags! And I just peeked at your site....may have to join in on that challenge!

And to all the wonderful ladies who attended...because without you Patti would have had way too much food. =)

I'll be seeing you all in cyber-land!
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