Friday, May 28, 2010

You goons can steal my truck...

but you left an important top secret item in your haste.

That's right, you idiots. Take my rims. Take my tires. Rip my stereo system out. But you left this treasure because you obviously do not know the value of the secret recipe for my special coffee at our favorite drive-thru coffee place.

All is right in my world.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

If you're interested in trying to win other stuff....

Go here:

for a chance to win some cool Rachael Ray cookware!! While you're there, read up on the Nanny Goat's posts. She's hilarious!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tour of California....and my 200th post Giveaway!!

I'm not a fan of cycling. I own a bike, but it is an Electra Cruiser ( ruby slippers...with a basket on the front. So what?) so I hardly think that qualifies as "cycling". Plus don't you have to actually get ON the bike to cycle? Yeah.

But when I heard that the first route of the Amgen Tour of California would be cruising by less than one mile from my house I was a little giddy. I was sure I would be catching a glimpse of Lance. That would be Lance Armstrong for those who don't know him personally *cough-cough* like I do. You've heard of him, right?

Anyway, I was in the middle of a string of night shifts but I had it all figured out. I could sleep 5 hours, get up and go sit on the curb and wait for Lance to wave at me, then go back home for an hour nap before work. Yay!

I drug my poor husband out for the fun, as well. Doesn't he look thrilled?

Whatever. He was having fun. I told him so. I also told him that this was a chance for me to have my 15 minutes of fame. "What if I jumped out in front of the herd of cyclists? And knocked someone over? I could be famous! The video would totally go viral on Youtube!" All he had to say about this plan was to make sure I knocked out Lance. If I was going for fame then I better go big.

I would never do that. I'm all talk. A "rule-follower" if you will. Just the idea of it all made me sweat like I had actually done something wrong. My 15 minutes of fame will not take place on this day.

We waited about 40 minutes and finally heard the helicopter overhead. It was the sign we had been waiting for! The helicopter was filming the entire event for Versus and we knew the riders were close. So I hopped up off the curb and got my camera ready. Here is the breakout bunch (sounds like a boy band):

And approximately one minute behind them came the rest of the riders:

Can you see Lance? Waving at me? Yeah. Me, neither. I guess he was just too busy and focused to see me as he went speeding by about 30 mph with the rest of the bunch.

And it was over. Just like that. 40 minutes of waiting to see 2 minutes of riders....and about 10 minutes of support vehicles. People...look at the amount of money strapped to the roofs of those cars!!


My plan worked perfectly. I was back home just in time for a 1 hour nap. And I got to witness a cycling event that is now the most popular in the United States right in my own backyard. Almost literally! It was pretty exciting. I think the jury is still out for my husband.

And speaking of exciting...THIS IS MY 200TH POST!! Who knew I could blab on and on about nothing for this long. Well, besides just about anyone who knows me personally? So in honor of this delightful occassion I'm giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to All you have to do is leave a comment. Any comment. About anything. Well, anything that isn't R rated. Or above. That's really a lot of TMI that I don't want to know about.

Entries close on Friday, May 28th. Thanks for your support and interest in my blog about nothing in particular. And good luck!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello? Month of May? You suck.

I’m quitting the month of May. Yes, the entire month. Is that possible? Like, could I just take vacation for the whole month and have someone put me in a drug-induced coma and just skip it?

May is proving to be quite a challenging month for me. Year after year. Several large unhappy events have taken place in my life….the majority of them in May. My maternal grandmother died in May several years ago. On Mother’s Day. Even better. My oldest child got himself in some trouble that proved to be the beginning of a long downhill slide. 6 years ago this weekend my husband got in a motorcycle accident that pretty much changed our entire lives. Last year in May my mom fell and broke her femur. She is still recovering.

And this May? It’s not going to disappoint me. Well, it IS going to disappoint me. It already HAS disappointed me. My other grandmother passed away on…get this….Mother’s Day. (What are the odds of that? Both of my grandmothers passing away on Mother’s Day?) Although I wasn’t particularly close with my Grandma-in-Arkansas (how we always referred to her) I do have a few fond memories of her when she came to California to visit and when my husband and I spent some time with her during our first year of marriage when we were living in El Paso, TX. Sadly, she had never met any of my children. Far too many excuses, but we just never did make the trip to Arkansas with all 3 children in tow.

This May we also get to deal with theft. Big Red has been violated.
The only vehicle that Troy and I have ever bought brand new was stolen from in front of our house this past week. That thing has a Hemi. But don’t fret….it was found! Of course, it was found jacked up on one side while crushing an ice chest on the ground on the other side since the wheels and tires were stolen from it. And the entire stereo system ripped from it’s precious insides. And my personal space completely invaded and shattered. Fishing license, paperwork, lucky coin, keys to our travel trailer…gone. All gone.

Mean people just suck.

And so does the month of May. So let’s just skip it. Who’s with me?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want to come back to life as one of my pets

The Pryor zoo. It's a rough existance to be a member. All you have to do to qualify is have big sad eyes that you can gaze at your human with.



I can have big, sad eyes.

Then once you do the big, sad eye thing you can wander over to the kitchen screen door because no doubt your human will be responding to the big, sad eye trick with a treat.


I like treats. So does this furry monster.


But I don't think I will be able to do that particular trick for my treat. I think I'll stick with the big, sad eyes.

Then I'm going to do a little sun bathing.


Then I will probably get a little warm and wander over to sit in the shade. 2 feet from my human. Or maybe just 1 foot. Can't be too far away in case another treat comes my way.


Because let's be honest...with this pushover around you are gonna get some doggie treats. And steak bones. And dinner scraps. And you probably don't even need the big, sad eyes.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've got reasons for being absent.

I swear. I've been a little busy with several things in my life: My mom had minor follow-up surgery on her leg; I took a much needed short jaunt to the coast with my bff; My daughter had her last prom; I went to scrapbook camp for 5 days ("this one time, at scrap camp..."); and I managed to fit in a bit of work.

So I had a lot of pictures to download and edit and stuff to get ready for scrap camp. After I had downloaded them I came across this picture that made me tear up a little. That happens every once in a great while with me. You know, tearing up over a photo. Probably about twice a week. I'm a sentimental fool.

Don't judge me. Or do. Because frankly I don't care and it won't make me stop tearing up over everything from this week's episode of the Biggest Loser (c'mon...I LOVE Sam!) to the balance in my savings account.

I'm rambling. I do that every once in a great while, too. About twice a day.

The Senior Prom pictures were some of the ones I was specifically looking over to choose which ones I wanted to print. I open up my Picasa and start sifting through the pictures and get sidetracked by this one that popped up wanting me to assign face recognition to it. It recognized MY face....just not the other one.


And it's because that face looks like this now


She's graduating in a little over a month. I did okay with the Senior Prom. Until they all left and I was home alone to look through all the pictures I had just taken. Then the waterworks started. And Troy was NO help because he left the house and was gone all weekend. He kept walking by her prom dress hanging in the living room, sighing and walking away. He couldn't even handle being there to see her in the dress.

She informed me the other day that Troy and I really needed to stop thinking of her as a 10 year old because she was an adult. A grown up. Ha! She doesn't realize that she will always be our baby girl even when she is 47.

Then I saw that picture of us out to dinner on her 7th birthday. 11 years ago. Where did THAT time go?? And the water works started all over again. I was a mess. And I'm not even showing Troy the picture of her at 7.

Next month's graduation ceremony is certain to be interesting...please begin sending your condolences now.

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