Monday, November 24, 2008

Chicken...chicken...get cho' chicken here!

Welcome to my guest daughter. Please note that her entire writing capacity is in the form of text messages. So have fun with this!!!

wacha doin? how ya doin?

this is Cheri's favorite dd, in the whole wide world.

see what had happened was, me n mi home girls( rere and boo-gee) we were out shopping for rere's moms bday. Rere had brought up she wanted to live life like da tv show " friends". thass wat rlly happend. She had asked me , "If we were to live like joey and chandler would we have races with our duck and chicken too?" I looked at her as if she was joking. Come to find out she was not joking. She wanted a chicken. ( actually she wanted a penguin but they didn't sell them there.) After getting a hello kitty ice pack, tiki torches , 3 bags of lime a beans (candy), a kitchen set of cloths, AND tooth paste at the 99 cent store, we got on the light rail 2g2 the fish store....2 see about getting some chickens.

yes. u got that right. we're buying $1.38 chickens... or 2 for $2....

"ur Filipino. ur gunna end up eating them thangs anyways." boo-gee says while grubbin on some burger. she was heka hungry.

i began to laugh. next thing i know im getting hit with tiki torches and some ice pack in my head by rere. In the mean time boo-gee is half way down the street. she rlly booked it though.

but in the end....


we decided not to race them... and they didn't get eaten... then Halloween came...



"what? why did you cross the road? u was hungry?"

This one's named Lindsay. Ain't she cute? She dnt look hungry, she dnt.

I dnt send greeting cards...them things r stupid. I take pictures to express how i feel towards mi bffffffffffff. I have normal pets in mi house hold...which i put in my pictures and send as a multi media msg....


rere on the other hand, she dnt got normal pets. she ain't normal. she's crazy. This is wat i got in return


i bet your bfffff ain't got no chickens. gotta love mi r-o-d-c ( ride or die chick)


The opinions expressed in this post are solely of the guest blogger and not the opinion or writing style or grammar style or ghetto-talk style of the owner of the blog. Management would also like to acknowledge that this 16. yr. old child doesn't actually talk the way this is written. Except when she is being stupid with Rhea (aka rere). Management is not sure WHERE this stupidity comes from. Any views should therefore be taken up with the guest blogger.

Thank you,



  1. Ur DD is a loon, jus like her mamita. Loco blood must run in the family. :-) LUV the video, perfection. Cute chicks.

    Toothpaste from the $1 store is whack.

    Today's comment brought to you by word verification "ventiogy", the study of Starbucks coffee sizes. Interesting.

  2. lol I haven't been here in a few days and look what happens!

  3. WOOOOOW...Is it sad that I understood the whole post..minus the reason anyone would WANT a chicken as a pet I would be afraid of it pecking my eyes while I slept or some weird thing LOL....I must agree toothpaste from the 99 store is whack LOL

  4. "what? why did you cross the road? u was hungry?" rofl!!! When are you to have your own blog LP??

  5. uh oh. did hamish see the chickens? "what's that hamish?" "You is hungry?"

    he says he's just tryin to keep it for reels. fo shizzle.


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