Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's been a challenge for today's post...

But here I sit. With my bff. In her office. At 7:30 p.m. because Starbucks sucks. I'm not going in to all the details about what it took to NOT get hooked up to the internet there, but let's just say that AT&T was involved.

Can you even believe it? They are still after me. They are like a bad virus that just keeps coming back. I wonder if they make a cream for it.

I bought my gift card (for my 100th post giveaway) and was told I would get 1 hour of internet free for purchasing it. Okay. After 20 minutes of trying to get ON the internet with my newly purchased gift card's secret number....my laptop died and I went home.

Dedication to a blog is tough stuff, people.

Linda thinks she should get the card since she is the one who rescued the blog. Well, she actually rescued the blogger. But I did buy her a soda on the way here, so maybe that will be okay.

So that's it for today. Pretty dull. Sorry. It can't be gut busting laughter every day, people.


  1. Yo BFF...sorry you had to listen to the AT&T rant...been there, heard that! Hope all is great for t-day. When is BFF coming down to the city???

  2. I swear, I get the oddest word verifications at your blog. Oddest in that they are backwards words, close to words, sound like real words, or actually ARE real words.

    Today's comment brought to you by word verification "tenet", as in opinion, belief, or principle held to be true by someone.

    And what I hold to be true is that my Starbucks card is running low on cash. Just saying . . .

    P.S. AT&T can suck it.

  3. lol. this is gut busting, what do you mean???


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