Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Fun Night

Do you have one? Other families probably call it something more, say, Family GAME Night. I grew up playing board games and cards at the dining room table. It used to simply be called out as "wanna play a game?".....but there's a story behind why we changed it to Family FUN Night.

There's always a story.

One night a few years ago I was visiting my mom's house with the kids. Everyone was sitting around kind of bored while I was busy doing something. I do not recall now what the "something" was but I'm sure it was of utmost importance and required all of my attention. But I announced shortly before I was done doing my important thing that we would have "Family Fun Night!!" as soon as I was finished. I was being a dork calling it that. But I'm like that. I got everyone's hopes up, including my brother. They kept asking when I would be done and when we would start Family Fun Night. My daughter got a few games out of the back room. My sons were even looking forward to playing a few games.

Family Fun Night never materialized. I got too tired doing my important thing and kept yawning and finally just went to bed.


And of course with my brother involved I would never live down the "fun" of Family Fun Night. It's name would forever be changed and I would be dogged and teased about it for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm serious. My brother is like that. You just don't live things down with him. But my children never forgot it, either. And anybody having anything to do with our family has heard of family fun night.

We DO play games! Honest. I was just tired that night. This picture is proof and was taken during a riveting evening of "Sorry"....which we aptly named "SCREW YOU" because nobody is ever *really* sorry they put someone back to the start. Right? Right. It was Family Fun Night. And we were having fun.


So much fun, in fact, that my bff, me and my dd decided to mimic the picture on the back of the SORRY game box.

Because we are dorks like that. And it was fun. And we were tired. And when you are tired EVERYTHING is funny.


  1. you crack me up. Love the picture

  2. We have a family night where we often do nothing too! What a coincidence.

  3. So funny lol

    I love family fun nights, I can't wait to have then someday :)

  4. Ha - I think the name of the game should be officially changed!!!!

  5. We have family movie night. Much less effort needed from me! lol

  6. that is a great pic! Family fun nights are great...we need to do them more often.

  7. OMG- that picture-- that is totally something Cassandra and I would do. That is hilarious. It is scary that we have a similar warped sense of humor.

  8. hehe love the pic! You do know you are nuts, right?

  9. omg you guys cracked my up on the pose!
    We as in everyone except dh play board games too.

  10. I remember this pic LMAO
    when my Mom remarried, my 'parents', in thier attempt to force bradyism on us, developed FFN. It was dumb. Well, I was *resistant* LOL so it probably was fun (but not at 13)


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