Monday, November 10, 2008

So I have this brother....

And he is an idiot.

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We have the same genes, after all, so that should not come as a shock to anybody. Life with my brother was always....ummm...interesting. One strange and stupid event after another led to a list of inside jokes 732 miles long. Not just a mile. 732 miles. I'm not kidding.

Some of the inside jokes would not be suited for this blog. Others? Well, probably not them either. And the rest of them nobody would even understand anyway so what would be the point of even mentioning them?

Because today is his birthday!

So in honor of my brother, Steven, and in hopes he will see this, here is a short list of things nobody will understand. Except Linda, my bff.

  • Tah-Bah-Oohh
  • Does your butt tickle?
  • You look like a "T"
  • You look like Fwed Fwinstone
  • It's A Hit! It's A Hit!
  • BBSP
  • fart!
  • Take a chance on me...take a chance on me....take a chance on meee...take a chance on me.
  • So yummy. So yummy in my tummy with a little piece of poo poo in it.
  • You can take THAT and sew a button on it.
  • Nature shirt
  • It almost hit me
  • I need to poop (20 seconds after starting a rousing game of catch in the backyard)
  • It's Randy Davis!!
  • Click Click Click Click Click-ity Click Click
  • Is that on the list?

I'm still younger than you.....


  1. Happy Birthday, Steven! Hope you birthday is a HIT and not a FLOP!

  2. Happy birthday to Cheri's Brother!

  3. Ha ha. You know, everyone in your family photographs SO well, and you can so clearly see the family resemblance. Too funny.
    I love all those inside jokes-- it is so great to have those with family and friends, where you just say one or two words, and you are lost in laughter.
    Happy Birthday to your brother--I would love to hear the backstory on some of those!

  4. Happy Birthday Cheri Pryor user name Cheri Pryor's brother. I have an older brother named Stephen too! But I don't like him seriously I have not seen him in years.

  5. Happy Birthday Bro!

    Seriously LOL at "You can take that and sew a button on it" Made me LOL.

    My bro and I have a list 317 miles long. It's dangerous when we get together... I miss him!


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