Thursday, November 13, 2008

Public Restroom Etiquette

I mentioned yesterday about using my cell phone while sitting in the stall. I don't do that. Well, unless I'm at home and talking to my mom/sister/daughter/sons/brother/friend and I'm in my OWN bathroom. And that is rare. Most of the time they don't even know it because I won't flush. My brother always knows it because it is the *reason* I call him.

Don't ask.

So what do you think is good public restroom etiquette? I don't think people should answer their cell phones, personally. I don't want to be sitting in the stall next to you while you talk to your husband about picking up the kids or what's for dinner. And I really don't want to listen to teenagers yak to their friends about what EXACTLY they are doing at that EXACT moment. Ew. Okay. I know I do it with my brother. That's different...and it's not PUBLIC.

I'm all about double standards, people. Get over it.

And while we are on this topic, do you ever look down in to the next stall at the person's shoes? I'm always afraid someone is going to do that to me and then spot me *outside* the restroom and make a strange face my way. Especially if I'm having a lactose interolerant moment. And since you know I choose the middle stalls there is always the chance TWO people are looking at my shoes. And they probably both have cell phones. And they are probably texting each other about my lactose intolerance. If I hear giggles at the same time I'm staying in there until the place is near quittin' time.

So tell me. What public restroom etiquette rules would you like to see put in place or enforced? Don't be shy. Leave me a comment!


  1. I think it's okay to text while you using a public restroom, as long as you never set your phone down. You've got to shove it in your pocket or stuff it in your bra.

    I think talking on the cell phone where people can clearly hear what you are saying is kinda rude . . . worse in a restroom because of the echo. Unless you're constipated, then listening in on someone else's conversation might distract you enough to relax you to the point of dropping a load.

  2. OMG. We have a woman in my office who goes into the restroom to take personal cell phone calls. She's not in a stall, but the rest of us are taking care of bid'ness. It drives me nuts to have her yakking on her phone while I'm pottying. And she even looks annoyed when someone flushes. We have a large building. Plenty of other places to hide to take a personal call.

    Here's my freak bathroom confession. I can't just grab the first bit of TP and use it. I have to throw that away because someone else may have touched it. Is it Cheryl Crowe that only uses 2 squares? She's coming after my azz.

  3. I will use the first stall because I know there are far more mid-stall freaks than...even when they are in the last seconds of holding it in...that said, you kill me w/the brother (similar results in my fam)

  4. My only bathroom complaint is that I have this sister that after she makes a doodie she is compelled to invite me in to look at her latest "still life"creation and since I'm the curious type I find myself drawn to her artistic toilet talent. P.S. thanks for sharing what most people don't see or really want to. EW

  5. Maybe not etiquette, but we avoid public toilets that flush by themselves. Scares the girls to death and it's not like you can just get up if the potty starts to flush! Plus they splash all over the seat - even if you use a "cover" you still have to wipe the seat dry first :gag:

  6. I knew it was a mistake to link my brother to my blog for his birthday message.

    I am afraid.

  7. Amy-as long as you flush all the toilet paper DOWN before you leave, I don't care how much you use. Sheryl Crow will *never* know. It's our little secret.

  8. Lesle - I never thought about the distraction being a *good* thing. lol!

  9. I talk on my phone if it rings but I don't go and make calls. I hate public bathrooms


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