Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disneyland for men

I had no idea what I was in store for when we headed here.

Of course, HAD I known I would have prepared myself with a camera other than my cell phone. I'm not sure you can see with clarity the giddyness (is that even a word?) on my husband's face as we approached the entrance. For those of you have not had the pleasure of visiting a Bass Pro Shop I will tell you it's huge. HUGE. The title of this blog post is not an exaggeration.

It is epic for the first-time shopper.

They have everything you can imagine for the outdoor enthusiast. But more importantly for a Bass fisherman like the giddy man pictured above. Hence, the giddyness ( it a word?)

This was him BEFORE we even got to the parking lot. It was just a distant vision. Okay, it was a big gigantic building in the middle of nowhere. We could see it from a far. A long-way-away far.

Just entering through the front door was amazing. It's HUGE, people. There was a pond with live fish. And a waterfall. Yes, I said waterfall. And I'm not talking about a waterfall the size of the one you can buy at home depot for your back yard. I'm talking Vegas Casino-sized waterfall.

My husband was so excited he just left me standing there looking at all the wonderfulness of this place. It took me 20 minutes to find him because I took 3 more pictures after this one:

This is where I found him:

They simply had everything. EVERY. LITTLE. THING. I have never seen so many fishing lures in one location in all of my life! Rows and rows and rows of fishing lures. Like, how does someone even invent a fishing lure that doesn't already exist? Seriously?

Isn't this one cute? And it was fairly big. Kind of scares me to think of what you would want to be catching with that....and that it may be living in a body of water I'm swimming in.

Fish net anyone? They have one in every size, color and weight you could want.

Reels? They had approximately 4,278 of them. This is a horrible picture, but also only one of THREE counters full of reels. My husband liked the one that was $749.00. We bought two. Kidding.

They even had things for women. Lots of things for women...lots of pink things and pretty things and clothes and STUFF for women. See the pink camo teddy? Yeah....we DIDN'T buy that.

And things for kids:

We didn't leave empty handed. I mean, we went there with PURPOSE. My husband joined a Bass Fishing club and had a tournament to prepare for. I think he over prepared. Do you see the length of that receipt? I made him collect aluminum cans for a month to help pay for it.

Oh, by the way....I don't fish. But we both love to camp. And they have an entire 2nd floor dedicated to hunting and camping.

We were there for over 2 hours. We never made it to the 2nd floor.

Did I mention this place was huge?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I have a story to tell...

But I thought I would let you ponder this face for a couple of days first.


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