Saturday, November 22, 2008

MY 100th POST!!

Glorious, isn't it? Who knew I could babble on and on and on about nothing for 100 posts? Well, probably just about anyone that reads this. I talk a lot, people. Chitter-chatter.

So to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I'm giving away another $20 Starbucks Gift Certificate!! It's yours for the taking. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what Insignificant Ramble Post is your favorite.

"Ugh! That's gonna require some work!"

Get over. You want the Gift Certificate or not? Becky is not eligible....and Cassandra is only allowed to leave ONE comment for her entry. Actually, everyone is only allowed one entry. So post as many times as you like. But your name only goes in once. Leave your comment by 6:00 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday the 26th.

I'll have one of my sons do the honors this time. Good Luck!!


  1. First, CONGRATS! Second, there are so many to choose from! But I'm gonna have to go with a recent post. Ya know, the one of you and your daughter goofing off in the pool? Well, actually you were swimming . . . but that "normal" activity didn't change the dog's opinion of yall,

    I can't get over the dog. The look on Ginger's face is just priceless.

  2. I think my 100th post is tomorrow, so don't get all conceited and think I am copying you by celebrating mine then. ;0)
    The recent pool post was a close second for me, but I have to say the one where you post your photos through the years (jr high, etc) with your hilarious comments had me rolling. Very brave of you to put all that out there, but so funny the way you looked back at it all. You are a riot and always make me laugh. Keep 'em coming. Here's to 100 more!

  3. Hello, I don't comment too often, but when prizes are involved... I'm there!
    My fav post would of course be the one thats ALL ABOUT ME.
    So... Cody or Nathan, "pick me, pick me" 'cuz I was planning on getting your Dad a Starbucks giftcard for Christmas, and therefore, if I win, my shopping will officially have begun! (that would'nt be re-gifting would it?)
    Love, Christie

  4. Hellooooooooooooooooooooo.....
    Ok, I am new to this blog thing, and I am so glad that you have 100 posts. I have five weeks of recovering to do and now I have GREAT reading material! Since your pool pictures were such a hit, don't you think you should release more of the synchronized swimming pictures?!? ;+) So far, the pool post is my favorite. Poor Ginger.

    Absolutely LOVE your pictures...all of them!

  5. Tears came to my eyes on many posts for many reasons. I have to respond with a best and next to best answer - Best: the one of your school pics, it was the to the core you and core is brave and honest and strong and funny as all get out. Second best: the texting kids "nidhamm" one slayed me...I cried, I snorted and cried some more.

  6. You have a ton of wonderful posts... but I am going to have to go with your favorite childhood toys. It inspired me to find my dollhouse, and I just loved looking at them all.

  7. I admit it. . . I am a narcissist. My favorite post was the shout out to me, Monica, Clare's co-worker. Does that qualify for my 15 seconds of fame? I hadn't read any of the previous blogs except the Clare Birthday blog. I think Clare was afraid that I would become a blog stalker. Never fear . . . I am way too into myself for that.

  8. Hey I want in on this!! One of my more favorite posts has been the "Day in the Life" back in June. It's nice to know that we all have days like that.....misery loves company!

  9. I would have to say that there are many, many that have had me in stitches! I've got to go with the texting post though, for creativity. Followed closly by any Hamish post....



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