Monday, November 3, 2008


I used to get all kinds of "fun" SPAM in my email. Everything from making millions at home to enlarging *cough-cough* body parts. When REALLY bored I would sometimes amuse myself by reading things and dreaming of what I might do with all those millions. No, I did not dream about the *cough-cough* body parts. This blog is PG-13 rated, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

But now? Now my SPAM is totally useless and provides absolutely ZERO entertainment value. Here is an example of something I received recently:

Кузовной ремонт автомобилей, покраска, аэрография.(495) 646-0571

Seriously? My uni-lingual brain doesn't even know which language to convert that from so I *can* read it. And is it even worth taking the time to do that? It could be very disgusting. But it could be very entertaining. Even more importantly, it could be someone trying to send me $600,000 bucks and I will miss out because I don't understand a thing this says. I guess I could call the phone number on it. That might be even scarier.


Foreign SPAM.

I miss my English SPAM. Where has it gone?


  1. lol - I just hit "delete' on my SPAM folder!

  2. Mexicans have decided to do it for 1/10 the cost.

  3. It's been outsourced to India.

  4. I think the spam was meant for your youngest son. The message is in Russian and reads as follows:

    Kuzovnoy car repair, painting, Airbrush. (495) 646-0571

    The area code appears to truly be in Russia.

    I'm impressed, I didn't realize you're reach extended beyond our borders!! Truly the World Wide Web.....


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