Friday, November 21, 2008



She probably won't even see this. She is, no doubt, out running a marathon. Or training to run a marathon. Or cheering someone on who is running a marathon. Or talking about a marathon. Or recovering from a marathon.

Anyone care to take a guess what Karen's favorite hobby is?

I don't run. So I cannot share in this great joy of Karen's. But I love her just the same. She doesn't love the Wizard of Oz in the crazy, psychotic, almost-unhealthy way I do, but she still loves ME.

That's what friendship is all about. Looking past the psychotic tendencies of the other and loving them more IN SPITE of them.

Happy Birthday, Karen!! Congratulations on always being younger than me no matter how many birthdays you have.


  1. Happy birthday Karen! I feel I can wish you one, because you know how it is, any friend of Cheri's is a nut. Oh, wait . . .

    Today's comment brought to you by the word verification of "yodar".

    All good it is, hmmmmmm . . .

  2. Lotta birthdays for you this month. Look at you and all these Scorpios.

    And following Lesle's obsession with word verifications, mine is "runpr." As in public relations for the sport of running, right Karen? Freaky, eh?

  3. what a fun photo of you and the birthday girl Cheri! Happy Birthday Karen!!


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