Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Human Nature....or Freak of Nature?

I noticed recently this strange habit I have developed in public restrooms. Don't even ask why I noticed it. Just random ponderings while sitting there looking at the stall door, I guess. Nothing else to do. Maybe sing. Or answer my cell phone like some. Or not. But that's another post.

As I enter the restroom, if I have a choice of 3 or more stalls to enter I will NEVER choose the first one and I will NEVER choose the last one. Always one that's in the middle. Why. Why? Hmmm....this is the conclusion I came to during one of my recent visits.

The first stall is probably the one women choose when they are in a hurry. No time to meander a little further down. They've waited too long and if they take even one more step towards the next stall there is gonna be an accident. And if you've waited that long, maybe there will *be* an accident even if you do choose the first stall. So I'm NOT choosing that one.

The last stall is for women who want some sort of privacy in the public restroom. I know. What kind of privacy can that even be? I could go in to detail about reasons for bathroom privacy and that would explain exactly why I won't go in the last one. But instead I'll just say that some women don't always make sure to flush EVERYTHING down before they exit the stall. Ew. Gross. No last stall for me.

So the middle it is. They are safe. They are unexpected. They are the stalls least likely to be thought of first. Poor middle stalls. They are lonely. They need me. And I need them. It's a perfect marriage.

Yeah. I know. FREAK of nature.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I usually pick the first stall, I think I remember reading its normally the cleanest since most people skip it LOL

  2. Oprah said to pick the first stall because less people choose it. However, now that Oprah blabbed it to the world, I guess we should go for the middle one.

  3. See now, that's the problem . . . many think the first stall is the cleanest because everyone passes it up, but the reality is, everyone uses it because everyone thinks everyone passes it up, when actually the last stall is the cleanest because everyone is deferring to the first stall because they think it's the cleanest.

    I think you're good to go in the middle stall.

    So . . . do you worry about anyone recognizing your shoes while you're in the potty?


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