Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I had lunch today

Well, I have lunch EVERY day. But today I had lunch with Clare. I've mentioned her before. At least a dozen times. She was the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween, remember? Anyway, she hadn't seen Troy for quite some time so I hauled his butt with me. It wasn't hard to convince him. We were having Chinese. Chinese food is like crack for Troy. Only better for him.

While we are sitting there waiting for our food he tells us a tale of unbelievable proportions. It's a locker room story. He's been going to the gym for about 2 months now for additional workouts per his physical therapist. Plus they have a pool and it makes it MUCH easier to do some of the things he needs to because of his back.

But that's not the story.

So he tells us about these two doctors who are there this morning talking about working all four days of the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not sure if they were going to be on-call for the hospital or if they actually had to work in an office or what. Troy didn't ask. Troy did voice his sympathy to them at not getting a day off when he couldn't really see someone making an office appointment on that particular holiday weekend. I'm not sure I agree that they need sympathy....but I did raise the question of being on-call for the hospital. But I also think that they will probably be paid handsomely for hanging around all weekend. So boo-hoo. Whatever.

But that's not the story either.

The story is that one of the doctors, who weighed a good extra amount OVER what Troy weighs, was just waltzing around the locker room butt nekkid....and feeling absolutely no shame or embarrassment even given the fact he had just exited the shower. Apparently a cold shower.

**insert chirping crickets**

Clare and I looked first at each other, then at Troy. He said, "What?" like he seriously did not know how odd it sounded that he NOTICED the man had taken a cold shower. He stammered around defending himself saying that the guy was just so comfortable in his own body and it was just "out there" waltzing around nekkid and that he couldn't help BUT notice.


I will say the story itself had Clare and I just about rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter as he continued telling his tale. Troy was much more...ummm...descriptive of the whole scene than I have been here. Imagine. If you want. Apparently the guy was walking around talking and decided to STOP right in front of Troy as he was trying to pack his bag up and leave. It was just THERE, so to speak.

In an effort to regain his manliness, he told Clare that she should just go back to work without a bra so that the food she spilled all over herself wouldn't be as noticeable. "I wouldn't notice the food if you did that."

He doesn't get out much.

***An additional note before closing up shop today... Clare saw a couple of co-workers when we first sat down. One of them actually recognized me from this blog (Clare had sent her a link to the birthday greeting I had posted). I've never met her before. Her name is Monica. So this is a shout out to Monica!!

I guess the next step is bodyguards and paparazzi. Yeah. I'm that famous.

**more chirping crickets**


  1. Imagine me . . . if you will . . . :rofl: Not a pretty picture I tell ya. Stop being so freaking funny!

  2. OMG!! Perfect depiction!!! Toooo funny, I had a second flash of Dr. teeny-tiny-whiny-weeny!! btw, I at work w/bra on!!

  3. What happened to locker room etiquette? You know... no talking to another person if either one of you is nekkid. Keep your eyes forward and VERY high... stare at the ceiling if you have to.

    The story is so much funnier if you knowing Troy.

  4. Well. That's interesting! Did Troy keep making small talk or was he frantically packing up his work out gear trying not to notice???ROFL

  5. ha ha good story! you better get good looking bodyguards!

  6. I like that Troy will rat out the little willy club!


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