Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a Public Service Announcement.

If you are an individual who is responsible for contacting customers, consumers or patients to set up appointments or gather information....THIS IS FOR YOU.

When you call the previously mentioned customer, consumer or PATIENT and the need arises to leave a message on their answering machine or voice mail, please speak slowly and clearly. This is most important on the part of the message where you are leaving a return TELEPHONE NUMBER. If it becomes necessary for the said customer, consumer or PATIENT to replay your message 8 (yes, that's EIGHT) times to get the entire number written down, you have failed in your responsibility.

This is an example of an unacceptable message to leave:

"This message is for Troy. This is BenI'mspekainglkjldotoptootnfast from Dr.Wangidewhathisname to set up an appointment for your spine consultation. Please return my call at 923778. Thank you."

As you can clearly see from this example, your PATIENT will not be able to speak to the correct person or set up the appointment with the correct doctor. Why? Well, not only are the names impossible to make out, but also because the phone number was rattled off so fast he could only understand CLEARLY 6 of the 7 required numbers to call.

So please slow down, speak clearly and make sure you can be understood.

Your customers, consumers and PATIENTS everywhere thank you.


  1. LOL, this has happened to me before. I think I listened to the message 1008 times to get the phone number.


  2. Ha ha ha, I SO KNOW what you are saying. This happens to me all the time at work. One of my vendors will call and leave a message like this: Kim, please call us ASAP !!! Your booth for the show is stuck in Topeka and if we don't hear from you in the next hour, it won't be in San Francisco for the tradeshow. My name is Shdfd and my number is 72 la la la. click.

  3. They should teach How to Leave a Voicemail message in school. I get these calls at work all the time. I usually give my number at the beginning and end of the message 'cause I think it's helpful, but that's just moi.

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