Sunday, November 16, 2008

So I have this sister....

and she is an idiot, too.


I don't have a list of 72,438 inside jokes with her like I do with my brother, the other idiot sibling. I'm not sure why. More than likely because she is 7 years older than me and didn't have time for such silliness when we were growing up. She was too busy trying to keep me from wearing her clothes and loaning her music out to my friends....neither of them ever to be seen by her again.

I was such an annoying little sister. And I know it. Now....because I have a daughter that takes my things never to be seen by me again. Karma. Ain't it grand.

But this photo is just one of a few handfuls of inside jokes I have with her. She's biting her upper lip. And I hate to admit it to the world but she is actually making fun of someone. This look of hers has been around sooooo long that I can't even remember *who* she is making fun of anymore.

And she won't remember, either. Because she's turning 50 today!



  1. Thank goodness you're not annoying anymore! Happy birthday to your sister!

  2. Happy birthday to you idiot sister!!! May she have many years ahead of her to annoy you back.

  3. Two siblings b-days very close together. Party hardy, Cheri's family!

  4. Happy Birthday, Christie!

  5. I was told that I had birthday greetings here, so I decided to sneek a peek.
    I can't even remember posing for this wonderful flattering picture, but the glasses are so stylish that I assume it was pretty recent!
    But, I still don't remember taking it, or where I'm at.Is this a sign of what's ahead for the fabulous
    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Do I know any of you because,I DON"T REMEMBER!
    Thanks for the goodies Cheri!The snowmen is adorable, and the bookmark is real pretty, now I have an excuse to go to Borders!Love ya! Christie

  6. Christie, Christie,'ve met all these people before. Do you not remember that time at my house when you stopped by and all these women were there for a scrapping event? Key word being "remember", I guess this is all a true reflection of being half a century in age.

    And the picture? Not a clue...but I got it from our idiot brother. No telling where it was taken.

  7. Happy Birthday old sister! Love getting to know your family Cheri. I never even thought about you having siblings LOL


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