Saturday, November 8, 2008

Famous Death? Who?

In my search of things to ramble about from my looney bin, I came across this person in the "famous deaths" section of I love to look up all kinds of random facts about what happened and who was born on my birthday. I was searching on November 8. Not anybody's birthday in particular, but a day I needed an insignificant post.

Bernhard Zondek, a German/Israeli ob/gyn, died on November 8, 1966.

Famous deaths....yet I have never heard of this person in my life, even though I, myself, have visited many an ob/gyn. We won't discuss any of that.

Off to Google, my verybestinternetfriend EVER.

According to Wikpedia: Bernhard Zondek (1891-1966) was a reproductive endocrinologist who developed the first reliable pregnancy test in 1928.

So for all of you EPT, First Response, and Clearblue fans....this insignificant rambling was just for you!


  1. I always used the dollar store brand - they work just as good and sincie I was always in denial, I always tooka at least 10 before I would believe it was true!

  2. I think you need to post twice daily - you know, for those of us with no social life! lol

  3. who knew?? see, your doing your part.


  4. I am still waiting for your Sunday post. I'm getting nervous!


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