Friday, March 19, 2010

Calling each other inside the house

Have you ever picked up your cell phone and either dialed your home number or the cell number of another individual who was ALSO in your house? Is this ever acceptable? I know, some of you are shouting from the rooftops about the pure laziness of this concept. "Back when I was younger we didn't have cell phones and we walked upstairs to talk to people...both directions!" I can hear that flying out of some of your over-30 mouths. But I'm here to argue that there are some acceptable scenarios.


TOP 10 REASONS it is okay to call someone who is in your house while you are also in the house with them:

10. You are upstairs. They are downstairs. You have laryngitis.

9. You are downstairs. They are upstairs. You have laryngitis.

8. The satellite has gone haywire. The TV in one room is not synched to the satellite box in the other. Call someone in the other room so you can calmly discuss what is appearing on the TV screen. This will save you from shouting excessively and developing a case of laryngitis.

7. You are sitting watching TV. Specifically a show your significant other wants to watch but you don't. Call them. They will be distracted until they see it is you calling, but it will be just enough time to snatch the remote. Turn the channel to something you want to watch instead.

6. You are on the phone with someone that has gotten long-winded. You really want to get back to the last chapter of a really good book. Motion to the other person in the house to call whatever phone you are NOT talking on. When it rings, tell the person that you are getting another call and need to hang up.

5. Your daughter/son is sitting in the other room with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Things get quiet. Call.

4. You have asked your son 3 times to take the trash out. He keeps getting sidetracked on the computer with Facebook/MySpace. Call him to remind him to take the trash out even if he is sitting 5 feet away from you. This may require at least 4 calls.

3. You are upstairs and have just finished showering. Your laundry room is downstairs....with your pants that have just finished drying. You hear visitors. Call someone to bring you your britches.

2. You are upstairs sleeping. Someone walks through the front door and wakes you. You think it is one of your children. You hope it is one of your children. You pray it is one of your children. Call each child until you confirm that it is one of your children.

and the number 1 reason it is okay to call someone in the house when you are in the house WITH them:

1. You've just discovered the toilet paper roll is empty. And you have laryngitis.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The final Fiji post.....#6...and that storm

One afternoon as we headed down to the visitor center, we chatted about how wonderful our tans were coming along. After logging in to my email to check in with my daughter, I wandered over to Facebook to check on things. What we all discovered as we were checking in with friends/family was that a storm was a brewing. In California. With freezing temperatures. Including snow in Red Bluff. In never snows in Red Bluff, people.

So of course I gave my heartfelt condolences and good thoughts as I let people know I had just come from the pool and was actually sweating. Little did I know how much this would backfire in my face.

Oh, did it ever backfire.

2 days later there was a category 2 cyclone warning. His name was Mick and he was even more angry and jealous than my drink.

The first sign that the locals were pretty serious about his storm was this:


How in the world were we going to continue tanning, people?! This was just not convenient for the single most important item on our agenda!

The weather started getting rough


Somewhere a tiny ship was probably tossed


And the fearless crew? Well, stupid is probably more like it. Linda was the smart one and stayed back to take pictures of us as we went to get video...about an hour before the worst of the storm arrived.


The aftermath was amazing. Respect mother nature. This is why.


All in all it was scary...and exciting...and scary...and boring being all couped up in the room until the storm blew over. Except for that 10 minutes we went out to video the storm. And promptly went back in before we got nailed in the head with a flying palm frond.

And then 2 days later we were back on schedule. 25 years. What a way to ring it in! Post Mick event, Troy and I decided to celebrate our anniversary Fijian style...on a moped. It was probably the best anniversary we have ever had. NOT because of our location, but because of the low key way we spent our day. Of course, being a blogger the trip included looking for a photo op with a goat for Margaret at NGIP. Yeah. I'm that dedicated to my fellow bloggers.


We survived Cyclone Mick and my husband driving the moped on the opposite side of the road. It was was the spectacular buffet we ate that night. Look how happy we are BEFORE the buffet! Imagine if we had taken a picture afterwards. It was delightful!


Fiji. It was magical. It was an adventure. It was one of the most amazing vacations I have yet to have. My husband and I already talk of returning there and staying on one of the other islands that is a little more remote. But first we have to graduate our last child, pay taxes and save up some money again so we can sit in a seat that we don't have to lick our knees as we eat our tiny bag of peanuts.

I guess we'll be going back in 2027.

That angry jealous Fijian better not be there the next time around. Just sayin'.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A difficult day...

as my baby turns 18. I know she reads my blog, so Happy Birthday, big Missy! This is for you....and pretty much sums up everything I have felt from the moment you were born. I love you. *sniff*

Monday, March 1, 2010

Before my final Fiji post...and that storm...

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my weekend. At my daughter's soccer tournament. That's her. With the muppet 'do.

More muppet action...this time with that whole Beaker thing.

She's a beast of a player. All 5'1" of her.

It's all serious business during soccer.

Serious, people.

Seriousness. Nothing but.

Ummm. Okay, serious ON the field. Off the field? Hmmm...not so much.

Really, really not so serious off the soccer field.

I have no idea where this behavior comes from.

No idea whatsoever.

They won 2 of 3 games and didn't qualify for the next round. That's next weekend and we won't be advancing. I'm sure the California Youth Soccer Association will be sad we will not be there bringing our fun out.


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