Friday, October 31, 2008


Hope your day is totally spooktacular!! Yeah. I know it's lame. Work with me, people!

Tonight will be filled with trick or treating. I'll be spending the evening with Olivia and some other grownups. I've got a costume thrown together and am trying to convince my husband that he neeeeeeds to come with us and give our trick-or-treater candy to my daughter for the church festival. I may be able to tempt him with a Breve Latte from Starbucks. Yes, he's that easy, but we shall see!

And my costume? Oddly enough it has NOTHING to do with the likes of Dorothy, Kansas, Munchkinland, the Haunted Forest, the Witches Castle or the Emerald City. I know. Breathe. It's okay. I'm okay.

But it was free. Garages and closets have the most amazing costume treasures EVER!

Have a wonderful evening. May your candy buckets be full and your yards be toilet-paper free!!


  1. Hope your night was filled with lots or treats and not so many tricks!!

  2. Oh Lordy Cheri-- that video clip...geez!


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