Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Clare!!

My dear friend, Clare, turns some version of 40-something today.


5 years ago Clare and I walked a marathon. Yes, you read that right. We WALKED. *I* do not run or jog. But Karen wanted us to raise money for a wonderful cause, Teams in Training. Karen runs. Karen runs a lot. I do not. As luck would have it neither does Clare.

So we formed a little team of 2 and trained for 5 months.

While raising the money and helping out that wonderful cause was great and was our PRIMARY reason for joining, I think Clare would agree that the bonding experience became center stage. We laughed. A lot. We cried. We walked. We walked some more. And then we laughed some more.

Did I mention that we laughed? A lot?

That whole experience was just incredible. I don't remember the blisters or the shin splints or the sunburn or the fire in my muscles as much as I remember this stuff:
  • the catered hot tub breakfast from my husband
  • the Hello Kitty backpack focal point for Clare
  • running from the cops who were trying to bus us the last mile
  • getting caught making butt-squeeze gestures to a cyclist
  • laughing so hard I farted
  • laughing so hard we couldn't continue walking
  • turning *slightly* psychotic to get Clare to finish that damn marathon
  • apologizing to Clare for turning *slightly* psychotic
  • laughing about turning *slightly* psychotic



Happy Birthday, Clare! I love you!

(wanna do it again?)


  1. AWESOME!!!! That's an awesome photo finish! And love how crazy you are, ya crack me up. :hug:

  2. Happy Birthday Clare!!!

  3. That was awesome for you and Clare. (Happy Birthday Clare!!)

    And somehow, the laughing so hard you farted does not surprise me at all ;-)

  4. okay what fun!! Thanks for sharing another wackie Cheri story!
    No pictures of the butt squeezing

  5. You rock! Happy Birthday, Clare!

  6. Wow! You guys are amazing to have done that!

  7. You are insane. Hysterically funny and lovable - but insane.
    Clare must be just as insane.
    Love ya Cheri!!
    Happy Birthday Clare!!


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