Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jr. Missy

This is me and Karen.
She is my friend.
See Karen.
See how cute Karen is.


This is Karen and her little family.
See Karen, Kjell (pronounced "shell") and Olivia.
See how cute they are.


This is Olivia.
See Olivia.
See how cute and adorable and fun and sweet and wonderful Olivia is.


This is Olivia and my daughter, Lindsay.
See Lindsay.
Her nickname since toddler age is Missy.
See Missy.
See Olivia.
Her nickname since birth is Missy.
But we can't have two Missy's.
So now she is Jr. Missy.
See Jr. Missy.
See how much attitude Jr. Missy has.
See Missy mimicking Jr. Missy.


This is me, Matt and Clare (Matt's friend) with Karen and her little family.
See us gathered together.
See us rallying around Karen and Kjell.
See us supporting them as their future with the nose-crinkling, forehead-wrinkling, Jr. Missy is filled with attitude of epic proportions.


See Jr. Missy.
See her reaching to pull my hair.
See us all smiling and posing while Jr. Missy reaches for my hair.
See us all trying to ignore Jr. Missy while she reaches for my hair.


Jr. Missy cannot be ignored forever.....


  1. Did she get a handful? :D Love the photo of Missy and Jr. Missy, too cute!

  2. Love the attitude pic!!!

  3. How cute is she?

    Did you try another perm????

  4. Love it!!!! Both Missy's are too cute! Maren is "missy" too, so maybe she can be "missy jr jr" she gots lots of tude too.


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