Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bend it Like Beckham little girl is a soccer player. Quite a good one, actually. She aspires to play in college, become a teacher and coach a school team. Here she is in all her glory:

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I love watching her play and while I was in Red Bluff for a week I was pleasantly surprised that she had 2 games. Their team had gone undefeated...until Thursday when they lost 2-1 in the last 2 minutes of the game. Poor thing was frustrated, tired and stinky. And being the good-mom-best-cheering-fan-EVER, I agreed with every whiny, poor-sport, tired and stinky loser comment she made after the game while having a burger and fries. And then I followed it with a question. The kind of question that would negate her own negativity...with humor. Because I'm like that.

Me: So, why was it so difficult to actually stay upright after kicking the ball today?

Her (after looking at me in silence for a brief moment, sort of squirming in her seat and smirking slightly): You know, I just have no clue. I fell every time I kicked the ball the first half.

Me: Yeah. I noticed. Does your butt tickle from falling on it so much today? (Butt tickle: a term of endearment from my brother who would ask me this whenever I would get hurt during any one of a myriad of stupid events in my life...and one that cracks my girl UP)

Her: *insert snot-snorting, tear-streaming belly-laugh here*

And thus began the conversation with my *real* soccer player, the good-sport-love-the-game player, about how fantastic the one goal they made was...with a most excellent assist from her and a most excellent tap in the net from the other forward.

And all was well with the world.

Now if I could only execute that look. That sultry, sexy Mrs. Beckham...maybe that male hottiness would become a part of my meager existence.


  1. so glad that you were able to catch a few games while you were there! Your dd sounds pretty determined! Hope she follows her dreams. Glad to see you posted on your blog I was getting tired of the crackerjacks LOL

  2. So glad you got to spend some time with your daughter and watch her games and make her laugh!!!

  3. awesome pics! love that you shared such a cool mom moment with us!

  4. What great shots! My nephew decided that he falls everytime he kicks the ball because his shoes are too tight. He is six.

  5. holy boobs on a shlef batman.... miss beckham that is.....

    Your dd is playing some hardcore ball there.

    So glad you had a chance to see it though - makes it worth it!!!

  6. Im really trying to think of a time when I could use the term "butt tickle" in a sentence.... I've got nothin'

  7. Don't you love those laughs after a rough day. I think you and me parent a lot alike, maybe that is why we have so much fun together, we are nuts lol!!!


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