Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's face it. I was a nerd.

In my previous post you got to see my awkward phase. That gawky, pre-teen phase that usually lasts a year or two. Yeah. Right. But in addition to my charming good looks, I was also cursed with an incredibly *sad* taste in music.

I was a pre-teen in the late 70's. Can you think of all the great music back then? Great stuff like Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney & Wings, Carly Simon, Steely Dan, Aerosmith, BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive for all you non-70's people), Eric Clapton, David Bowie.....well, you get the picture. LOTS of great music in the 70's. Lots.

But what about this awesome music duo:
Or this fabulous group from across the Atlantic:
And...sadly enough...I've got to admit to this one, too:


Yeah. I hear you laughing. And how did I NOT know these guys were gay? Seriously.

My list goes on and on and on. One sappy, geeky musical memory after the other:
Barry Manilow
John Denver
Donna Summer
Disco Duck (don't ask...)
Andy Gibb (can you say tragic teen idol end?)
Leif Garrett (can you say teen idol has-been?)
Captain and Tennille (don't deny you didn't at least have the hairstyle)
Soundtrack to Grease
ABBA (they were almost cool)

My cool factor didn't really start until I was a Junior in High School when I started listening to Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, the Eagles, Styx, and Queen.

But I still had those 80's bangs.....and that post is coming. It has to be discussed. Trust me.


  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with your musical taste. Those are the great sounds of a generation.

  2. you liked the same music I did. My girlfriends and I had all the Bay City Rollers songs memorized too. I even have a few of the people you mentioned on my ipod right now LOL

  3. You left out The Partridge Family, Sean Cassidy and The Monkees!! lol

  4. Well, having experienced my teen years a decade or two before you, I would have to say my musical taste was Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Cream, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath - ahhh, the 60's! Since every waking moment was dedicated listening to music, I must say I got pretty good at taking 8-track cassettes (before your time, my dear) apart, pulling a foot or two of tape from the middle and taping the ends back together. Your older bloggers, myself included, probably remember how continual use of the 8-track tapes caused an eventual tightening of the tape, resulting in the m u s i c s l o w i n g d o w n until the tape eventually snapped, rendering your prized cassette round file fodder.

  5. Hey! I loved Abba in college! I bought the greatest hits, some of my fondest memories are dancing on the coffee table in my sis's dorm room singing Take a Chance on me! We had it on video, but it got erased as we were bad girls and don't want the evidence around in case either of us ever wants to run for pres!!!

  6. But did you have the Donny and Marie Barbie dolls??

    I remember checking records out of the library, mosty DEVO, Oak Ridge Boys and Juice Newton, and then putting dance shows on for my (most likely mortified) family. So what are you cryin about?

  7. I love some of that music myself! Hope you are well...I'm out trying to catch up on my blog reading!

  8. Kari...aren't you nice? lol!
    Patti...I'm sure if I heard songs from that album I posted the words would come flowing back like a river.
    Mona...I didn't listen to any of those. Does that make you a bigger nerd than me? =P
    Gene...I'm not *that* young! I totally remember 8-track tapes. Blondie was the first one my brother owned and we listened to it non-stop on vacations!
    Amy...that particular song is the butt of a personal joke between my brother and I!! know it, girl. And I played with them until I was well in to Jr. High!! (Yes. I said it. Jr. High. I told you I was a nerd.)

  9. Leslie...I'm doing well. Off to lurk on your blog!


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