Monday, April 21, 2008

Dude....I'm calling the headquarters for Cracker Jacks

(I have a blog stalker....his name is Gene. He complained to me tonight that I hadn't done my part in entertaining him in his moment of boredom by updating my blog. This is for you, Gene....)

What ever happened to the really GOOD toys in a bag of Cracker Jacks? This is a question worth exploring after my sweet tooth won over my best efforts of watching calories tonight. As I happily tore in to a bag of Cracker Jacks, my excitement was quickly snuffed by a small booklet claiming to be my "toy surprise". As I further investigated my winnings, I decided this prize was way too much work for a simple piece of paper with a picture of a shark on it. After a series of detaching/folding/pushing/bending I was supposed to end up with something claiming to be a "smart mouth."

1. Detach prize and fold each corner toward you along the dotted lines.
2. Next, fold the prize in half, folding it away from you.
3. Then, push the center triangles forward to open the slit.
4. Push backward at points A and B. Then, hold the prize by the side edges and gently push toward the center to move the mouth.


I didn't realize I was going to need a masters in engineering with a minor in origami to play with my toy surprise.

Whatever happened to little plastic frogs or miniature magnifying glasses or metal soldiers or magic tricks? THOSE are the real toy surprises of yesteryear. But, alas! They have slowly been replaced with smart mouths or tattoos that if you are lucky will only require a small amount of spit and will resemble a 3 day old bruise after you rub that sucker for 10 minutes on the back of your hand. And those are the "best" ones. I guess with Nintendo and XBox and Wii there is no need for Cracker Jack to overextend itself trying to compete with these toy giants.

But still.

I guess I should have just had some M&Ms....


  1. M&M's are better, anyway!! The Craker Jack toys were probably made in China and kept getting recalled ;-) Mona

  2. "Blogger Stalker" huh? I resemble that remark! Ok, I'm officially signed up now so it'll have to be yet one more sign-on and password I'll have to remember. Ooohhh my head hurts! Think I'll go scour the vending machines, hoping to score a box of Cracker Jacks, which with any luck will contain a less complicated prize than you encountered.

  3. I totally agree. I remember getting rings in Cracker Jack. The toys do suck today. And thanks for the comment on my blog -- now go throw those dang lids away or into the recycling or something! ROFL

  4. okay you need to start buying kinder surprises they have great toys!!

  5. Okay just saw your comment on my blog thanks for the plug!! LOL

  6. I too miss the Cracker Jack toys, but you put it much more eloquently than I ever could.

  7. Getting just a tattoo bums me out

  8. Okay Cheri Pryor..just cause you are not online for a few days does not excuse you for not having your blog updated! You need to find a fill in next time LOL

  9. LMAO, there is that Cheri I know and love!!!
    So does that mean you coulnd't figure out the prize? lol
    I bet if it was an 10 year old, they would have no problems lmao!

  10. I always had cracker jack prize envy-- my prize was always worse than every one else's prize.

  11. Yo, I think your friends are going to think I'm slow or something...just cause I haven't kept up w/your blog...but I have had other "issues". Anyhoo, Nickname: ClareBear, ClareB***** and one I only tell if I've had lots and lots and lots o'drinks.

    Love the pic of Cody/Linds....its them!!!

    As far as the boy with no real name...big shock you took in a stray...its that big ol'heart you have.

    Love you, miss you!!


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