Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!


I hope your New Year's festivities were grand (I'm still trying to figure out what Troy was looking at with this open-eyed midnight kiss) and that all your resolutions are printed and hung on the refrigerator as a constant reminder that you promised yourself you were going to do something and that you better hop to it before you are completely disappointed in yourself.

I'm stressed already.

Seriously, do you make resolutions? I do....but I don't make them on New Year's Day. I make resolutions to myself all year long. You know, things like:
  • I will make my bed at least once a week
  • I will keep up with the laundry (or make sure Troy does)
  • I will learn a new language (I did that this year with texting acronymns. It IS a second language. I don't care what you say.)
  • I will not stay in bed past 11:00 on my days off
  • I will walk the dogs every day

How's that for a life-changing list? Yeah. Not so much. And it isn't really my current list, although I will say I DID make my bed this morning. Which is big because there is usually someone IN my bed which makes it impossible to make everyday. I think my mood would be altered to an unflattering state if Troy tried to make the bed when I had worked a night shift. Get it? Good. Moving on....

I do have some things in my head that are on the list. Things that I have somehow faultered on the last year or two. They are important things. To me, anyway. I won't share them in detail, but let's just say that I strive at being as nice as I can be to people....but have somehow missed the boat with some family members. They know who they are. It was not very becoming of who I try to be and some of those relationships suffered because of it.

So in a nutshell, here are my resolutions in their very basic form:

  • Pray more
  • Forgive more
  • Read more
  • Exercise more
  • Laugh more
  • Worry less
  • Judge less
  • Spend less
  • Work less

Those are not in any particular order....and most of them I have control over. Working less? I'll try, but that's not always up to me and is contingent on the health of my fellow coworkers. They need to stay healthy for the sake of my resolution, don't you agree? Maybe I'll give them all a box of Airborne. And some vitiman C. And some Echinacea.

So whether you are dancing out of 2008.....or crashing in to 2009....may this next year be full of wonderful experiences with family and friends. And may each of those experiences fulfill your life in unexpected ways.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy new year chica!

  2. Happy New Year! Love your resolutions!!!

  3. Happy New Year and I love your resolutions too. I don't make any outloud but my inner voice makes some for me! LOL

  4. Those are some good resolutions! Good luck with that "being nice" thing....

  5. Who is Troy kissing? I thought you were a redhead!


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