Saturday, January 3, 2009

A basic lesson in sex education

So we have two kitties. They are about 4-1/2 months old....time to get fixed. One is a pretty little Calico named Cloris and the other is a cute little orange striped tabby that we named Gertrude...Gertie for short.

Gertie LOVES Troy. I means LOVES him. She follows him around the house constantly just like a dog. He can whistle or snap his fingers and she runs to him. It's adorable. And she loves to sleep on him. And when I say "on him" I mean that literally.


On Wednesday Cloris and Gertie go in for the big "snip-snip". They have to stay overnight and get shots and the whole big deal. But YAY for no extra kitties in the future. I feel like I'm slighting them somehow by not letting them become mothers, but then I think about when those kitties become teenagers and I know in my heart I'm saving them from something that will turn them crazy and mean.

So two females kitties. Four 1/2 months old. Appointments to get spayed. Check.

Uncheck. Because yesterday Gertie was cleaning herself and Troy noticed something unusual....something not "female-like". Upon further investigation he discovered that Gertie has testicles and a weiner. How did we miss this?

It's going to be an embarrassing call to the vet on Monday.

"Hello? Vet? Yes, I'm calling because my husband and I apparently don't know the difference between girl parts and boy parts. I need to have my orange tabby neutered...NOT spayed."


"And vet? Gertie is now Gordie. Please do not make any surgical decisions to make the parts match the name. Thank you and we will see you Wednesday morning."


Can you just hear the laughter on the other end of the phone? Yeah. Me, too.


  1. oh my Cheri - you crack me up!

  2. LOL Well, she, I mean he, looks like a fluffy little kitten. Seems like an easy mistake to make.

    This comment brought to you by the word verification "vachilly". I don't know . . . I just find that word funny.

  3. LOL- that is so funny, because when I looked at the picture and saw her name, I thought, how rare, most orange kitties are boys! (I learned this when I got my orange kitty--the woman I adopted him from told me).
    This 'mistaken identity' happens more often than you think, believe me. But, it is STILL funny!

  4. thanks for my laugh of the day Cheri!!

  5. LOL!
    That is the cutest little kitty though.

  6. lol, too funny. And I need more pics of Gordie - he looks VERY similar to my kitty who is now in Heaven, Morris. Is Gordie's tummy all white? We will have to compare pics! :-)

  7. OMG Cheri that is so funny! What a cute kitty. I love orange ones. And calico ones. You should post her pic too!!

  8. Hmmm... so do you think Gordie is gay?

  9. A similar incident occured to a friend of mine, and when she took the cat in for "surgery", they discovered it had BOTH sex organs..... the cat is now renamed HERMAN. It's a beautiful black and white longhair. So, I guess the poor thing did'nt know whether to be male/female or black/white!

    BTW.... I think I'll be making crepes filled with strawberries and blueberries drizzled with nutella and topped off with a dollop of reddi-whip for breakfast this weekend. Wanna come over? ;)

  10. and you consider yourself a testicular expert. Hmmmpff!

  11. lmao! gordie is a cutie, that's for sure! and my little jake was a zoe for the first week he was home.. seems someone forgot to lift the tail and assumed that he was a she.. doh!

  12. LOL, I am a farm girl and couldn't tell the difference with boy bunny and girl bunny when they were little.


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