Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting Ready to Graduate Child #2


Yup. That's right. I'll be graduating him. Just like I graduated the first one....with a hot cattle prod between his legs until the deadline of May 23 reveals he has completed all his required units.

May 23, people. That's only 51 days. And my dear son has a WHOLE LOTTA MATH to complete by then.

(Enter cattle prod)

For those that aren't aware, Nathan is in an independent study program through the school district. This means that a traditional school setting didn't work out so well for him. Or he didn't work out so well for it. (I honestly think it was a 50/50 split. He got bored early in his freshman year and got a little *cough-cough* preoccupied with disturbing other students during class. He got a class clown award the first semester. Sweet. And besides all that, you couldn't pay me enough to be in high school nowadays) Either way, he does the work at his own pace, goes to school 2 days a week to turn in his units and test. One unit of work = one packet for him to complete....5 units (packets) completes one semester of required work. Sometimes a packet takes him 1 hour and he can work through an entire semester of work in a week. Did you get all that? =P

But he isn't gonna get his math (Algebra) done that fast....and he has 18 units (18 packets) to complete.

Soooo...his teacher reveals this information to me today. I'm not surprised because the cattle prod has been hot for a few months. The answer to the dilema? We added another school day for him. He is now required to attend 3 days a week until the deadline so that he will finish everything.

And how does Nathan feel about all this? Well, the cowgirl holding the cattle prod doesn't really care how he feels about it, but surprisingly adding the extra day was HIS idea. He really wants to graduate ON TIME and does not want to extend his ceremonial walk to December. My kid is stubborn...and being stubborn and getting sidetracked in October and November is what landed him in this predicament. And he knows that. I will not be surprised if the ceremonial walk doesn't happen until December...but my son is just stubborn enough to make it all happen in May.

Either way, he's gonna need some ointment for those burns.


  1. burn him up and i know he will make it, if his is like you , he will!

  2. YOu go momma!! Sometimes these kids just do need a hot probe jabbed into them!! Good luck!!

  3. need some help?! :D


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