Monday, March 31, 2008

Jack Diddle-y Squat

He is my new friend. I've become rather close to him recently, especially on my days off from work. He's one of those kinds of friends that could quite easily become a very bad influence, but his willingness to overlook my lack of motivation makes it that much easier for him to suck me in to his vortex.

But Jack's vortex is void of responsibility and stress. It's a place where laundry is silenced in to submission, where ringers on phones get turned off, where delicious and nutritious meals get replaced with bowls of cereal and popcorn, where the bed becomes the most important piece of furniture in the house (geez, it's the ONLY piece of furniture in the house besides the TV...and is that even furniture?), where makeup sits quietly in the bag waiting for attention, where mail's voice of "OPEN ME" is muted, and a place where older children wish and yearn to be a part of but are not invited.

Some things are just not so important here: taxes, bills, housework, personal hygiene and teenagers. My to-do list is paralyzed...frozen in time....defenseless.

I love hanging out at Jack's place. Especially today. My day off work.

So as I sit here eating my popcorn lunch completely ignoring my adult world caving in around me, I wish you a happy Monday! I'm off to hang out with Jack Diddle-y Squat.

I'll introduce you to him one day if you want.


  1. I think I am hanging with him today! So much to do but so much fun hanging with Jack! Thanks Cheri we all need Jack days!

  2. I need Jack in my life, but I am afraid he would soon be fighting with Guilt and Responsibility. Maybe I could get him to just kill those other two?

  3. I'm best friends with Jack, he can be good to have around some but my husband doesnt seem to like him much.

  4. Well aren't you profound. Very very interesting.... I'm learning so much about you with this blog thing Ms Pryor.
    So this jack you speak of... is HE the father??

  5. I found a new place to stalk on the's my good friend Cheri's place! I'll be around more often chica! Lub you!

  6. hum?

    did i leave jack at you house? he must have sliped out of my bag


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