Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm....."

So why in the world would I want to continue doing business with a company that openly admitted they have been overcharging me for a service SINCE OCTOBER....but will do nothing to rectify that? And still fully expect me to pay a $640 phone bill (the third one in as many months)?


"Thank you for being a loyal and valuable customer, Mrs. Pryor" was what I heard as I canceled my 4 phones with AT&T/Cingular Wireless tonight after 6 years of doing business with them. My response? "Well, thank YOU for treating this loyal and valuable customer like shit." (Yes, my exact words in case you wondered.)I was also asked that, if called by a customer survey rep, would I be able to say that my issues and concerns were handled to my satisfaction. My response? "Well, nothing against you personally, but if your company calls me I will have NOTHING GOOD to say about anything that has taken place between us in the last 3 months. Soooo....your company can call, but it won't be pretty." (Yes, my exact words in case you were still wondering.)

*insert chirping crickets here*

And for the benefit of anybody that may be reading this, when you tell AT&T/Cingular that you would like UNLIMITED TEXTING applied to a specific phone number, make sure they understand what you mean by UNLIMITED. Apparently there are two different kinds of unlimited with them. In-network and out-of-network. And by saying (and I quote) "I want my daughter to text her little freakin' heart out to whomever she wants and I don't give a crap WHO she texts." you STILL need to confirm that you want the $20/mo service and not the $15/mo service. And then you want to confirm (even after they say this out loud to you...I'm telling you to repeat it and have them repeat it again) that the new feature will begin PRO-ACTIVE TO THE BEGINNING OF THE CURRENT BILLING CYCLE. Not beginning immediately, but pro-Active to the beginning of the CURRENT billing cycle. Say it with me, readers. Say it out loud. And make them repeat it back. Because "beginning immediately" might mean the last 5 days of the billing cycle and you are going to explode when you get your THIRD $600+ phone bill in a row.

Actually, do yourself and your blood pressure a favor and just DON'T do business with AT&T/Cingular Wireless.

They are the giants of the Wireless industry. And I am merely David with my slingshot and stone....but a friend suggested I call the local news station that does "Call 3 Problem Solvers". They love this kind of stuff. I would love to hear how the AT&T/Cingular PR Damage Control folks spin this.



  1. I love your dialogue here - I don't like AT&T either. Do call your news station. AT&T will probably say that they followed the rules, but will go ahead and credit your account, blah blah blah

  2. I could seriously change your AT&T/Cingular to Tmobile and post the EXACT same post to my blog. I **seem** to have it all straightened out and they **seem** to have handled it a little better than yours, but seriously whats with the shit they try to pull??

  3. Seriously, I've had problems like this before, isn't it great that we, the consumer, have no rights. They the big company, can mess up your credit report, junk like that, but where are our rights????
    Cheri, I feel for you babe!

  4. Gee, I feel bad. I just called Verizon to get unlimited text after I realized Elisa had been texting her cousin on my phone, which was set up for pay per text message. The Verizon rep told me she would set that to be affective on the beginning of this cycle. I didn't even need to ask, she just did it. If your in need of a new cell phone service I recommend Verizon.

  5. my lord that sucks...and I can totally hear you in my head saying those things to them word for word in a calm but irritated tone. I do love it when you say something to a rep that makes total sense regarding the entire bad situation and all they can do is respond as the "crickets chirping". At that point you know you're right and they are wrong and they don't know what to do (and even if they did they wouldn't do the right thing obviously).

  6. Well there goes the I *heart* AT&T circle journal idea... dadgumit! I had the perfect little embellishments picked out and all!


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