Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday


I really have just one special thought today. Linda's (my bff of 35 years) mother.....Flo. She is in a better place since God called her home last Wednesday. She is healthy again. No more pain. No more dialysis. No more strict diet. She is with her husband, her son and her parents. I have no doubts that she is getting on a mean game of basketball (she played in college) and having SOOO much fun styling her very *own* hair. She is full of joy. Linda and I have talked about how she would be mad that a fuss was being made over her. We chuckled a little over that. So typical of her.

So on Saturday there will be a celebration of her life. Flo lived a good and full life and what is not to celebrate about that? This woman touched so many lives with her thoughtfulness, never-ending selflessness, love and compassion that it would be difficult NOT to be sad. But she deserves to be celebrated, lifted up in song and remembered not with tears, but with joy.

My heart aches for Linda over the loss of her mother. I am sad beyond words for her and what a huge void this will leave in her life. But I am forever grateful just to have known this woman and to have had such a special influence in my life as child/teen/adult.

God Bless, Flo. You will be missed.


  1. beautiful tribute to your bff and her mom Cheri! Hugs!!

  2. (((HUGS)))) and give some to Linda :)

  3. What a wonderful memorial! I am sending my thoughts and prayers to be with you and her family~

  4. Really sweet Cheri!

    Im sorry! {{hugs}}


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