Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday

I have exactly 30 minutes left of my Thursday.....can we talk nicknames?

I have been moving furniture around in my house all day to prepare renting one of my rooms out. I know this of the boys' friends. His name is Hoppi. His father passed away and his step-mom is moving out of state and shoved him out the door in to the big world of grownups. And since I've always taken in strays, (animals and humans alike..not necessarily always in that order) Hoppi landed on my doorstep.

Now, I'm pretty sure that Hoppi isn't his *real* name, but it's the only one I know right now. (I know you are asking yourself why in the world I would let a 19 yr. old come live with me when I don't even know his full name...the answer is because I *know* him...I just don't know his first AND last name) I've told the boys on more than one occasion that if someone ever came to my door to ask questions about any of their friends, there aren't very many of them that I could use an actual first and last name for.
  • Hoppi
  • Slowy Joey
  • Black Man
  • Goober
  • Cartoon Cody
  • Skitz
  • Skeeter
  • Toki
  • Topher (I actually know this one...chrisTOPHER Guinn)
  • AJ
  • MathBoy (his last name is Mathayo)
There is actually one girl in that list, but the other girls that come around (there are many) don't have any nicknames..that I've heard, anyway. That's probably a good thing.

I had nicknames growing up, too: fang, bugs, Mac, Shaymac, Cheri Berry, and Scary Cheri are the ones I remember most. I outgrew most of the names (Thank the good Lord)...but Mac and Shaymac stuck well in to my adult life. It is my brother's term of endearment for me. Much better than the one he has for our older sister....the other white meat. He refers to himself as "Cheri's brother". I just call him Steven.....or booger-brat-snot-pig. Yes. Still. I'm mature like that.

Sooo...did you have a nickname or two when you were growing up? Are you sometimes still called that? Do you love it or hate it? Do tell.....


  1. Yup I had a few nicknames too! Miss La Dee Da Da that is what my dad called me and my sisters. (sshhh it is something I have never shared I was in modeling when I was in my teesn) hence where the name came from LOL I was also called Flatsy Patsy I did not even wear a bra till grade ten.
    We called my ds Grub for the longest time ever. My mom still has the name tootsie when she was little she always had a tootsie roll in her hand. She is even called Aunt Tootsie. I love nicknames!

  2. My Dad has always called me Pete. My brother called me Sissy-then as he got older - "Sis" and then somehow that was shortened to....Casshole.

    I call my son ScooterPoot-- yeah he will hate that when he is older...

  3. slowey joey. that's my fave!!

  4. My Dad refers to me as "daughter number three", I am pretty sure its cuz he can't remember my name. Does that count as a nickname?


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