Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've got reasons for being absent.

I swear. I've been a little busy with several things in my life: My mom had minor follow-up surgery on her leg; I took a much needed short jaunt to the coast with my bff; My daughter had her last prom; I went to scrapbook camp for 5 days ("this one time, at scrap camp..."); and I managed to fit in a bit of work.

So I had a lot of pictures to download and edit and stuff to get ready for scrap camp. After I had downloaded them I came across this picture that made me tear up a little. That happens every once in a great while with me. You know, tearing up over a photo. Probably about twice a week. I'm a sentimental fool.

Don't judge me. Or do. Because frankly I don't care and it won't make me stop tearing up over everything from this week's episode of the Biggest Loser (c'mon...I LOVE Sam!) to the balance in my savings account.

I'm rambling. I do that every once in a great while, too. About twice a day.

The Senior Prom pictures were some of the ones I was specifically looking over to choose which ones I wanted to print. I open up my Picasa and start sifting through the pictures and get sidetracked by this one that popped up wanting me to assign face recognition to it. It recognized MY face....just not the other one.


And it's because that face looks like this now


She's graduating in a little over a month. I did okay with the Senior Prom. Until they all left and I was home alone to look through all the pictures I had just taken. Then the waterworks started. And Troy was NO help because he left the house and was gone all weekend. He kept walking by her prom dress hanging in the living room, sighing and walking away. He couldn't even handle being there to see her in the dress.

She informed me the other day that Troy and I really needed to stop thinking of her as a 10 year old because she was an adult. A grown up. Ha! She doesn't realize that she will always be our baby girl even when she is 47.

Then I saw that picture of us out to dinner on her 7th birthday. 11 years ago. Where did THAT time go?? And the water works started all over again. I was a mess. And I'm not even showing Troy the picture of her at 7.

Next month's graduation ceremony is certain to be interesting...please begin sending your condolences now.


  1. So.. I should lock Spencer up now? I'm not ready for my baby to grow up!!!
    "L" looks beautiful in her prom gown--I remember when she was starting high school. :sigh:

    How was scrapbook camp?

  2. I looked at that pic of you and the little girl, and I'm like, I recognize that face, but who's girl is it? WOW Cheri, time just goes too fast, and I tear up at all these photos to. Jack will be 4 Saturday, that means almost 4 years ago we officially met. Can you believe that?

  3. Cheri, she is beautiful. I love that dress. I'm sure I'll be the same way when Morgan goes to prom. Oy.

  4. I feel your pain Cheri! She's so beautiful--looks just like her mama!

  5. Awww, this makes me freak out about my own daughter growing up. And she's only 4. You've done a wonderful job raising someone beautiful inside and out.

  6. big hugs cheri... we all grow up and become adults, but lindsay will be your last baby, your only baby girl. you raised her right and she will apprichate all you and troy have done for her...god bless you cheri

  7. Condolences for your loss. My thoughts are with you during this painful and trying time. Words cannot express the sympathy blah blah blah and other sentiments.

    Seriously though, you poor thing. I can't imagine what parents go through trying to watch their kids grow up, and actually letting them grow up.

  8. This next month will be one of the most difficult, challenging, and rewarding you have ever faced. My sincerest sympathies for this journey.
    The waterworks flow hard at graduation. Bring tissue for the big guy too.

  9. Right now, I'm really empathizing with you. We had K's last band concert Tuesday night and I barely made it through that I've been teary eyed all week. She graduates in 21 days.

  10. Wow. You've been busy.

    What precious memories you have, even if they bring you to tears. :)

    Hope things keep going well & that there is joy in these "soon to be" memories, too.

    Sending you hugs (& condolences).

  11. Damn woman, you're making me cry. Emy is seven right now.

    Love the pictures and the sentiment. :hug:

  12. I think that's why I'm having such a hard time believing she's 18. I remember THAT Lindsay like it was yesterday. *sigh* One day she'll have a 7 year old.

  13. okay, i'm in tears already thinking about how quickly it's going to go and how soon i'll be the one sitting there in tears over her senior prom... and she's not even 5 months!!

  14. Love that pic of ya'll together! She is such a beautiful young lady!! They just grow up toooo fast!!!


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