Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello? Month of May? You suck.

I’m quitting the month of May. Yes, the entire month. Is that possible? Like, could I just take vacation for the whole month and have someone put me in a drug-induced coma and just skip it?

May is proving to be quite a challenging month for me. Year after year. Several large unhappy events have taken place in my life….the majority of them in May. My maternal grandmother died in May several years ago. On Mother’s Day. Even better. My oldest child got himself in some trouble that proved to be the beginning of a long downhill slide. 6 years ago this weekend my husband got in a motorcycle accident that pretty much changed our entire lives. Last year in May my mom fell and broke her femur. She is still recovering.

And this May? It’s not going to disappoint me. Well, it IS going to disappoint me. It already HAS disappointed me. My other grandmother passed away on…get this….Mother’s Day. (What are the odds of that? Both of my grandmothers passing away on Mother’s Day?) Although I wasn’t particularly close with my Grandma-in-Arkansas (how we always referred to her) I do have a few fond memories of her when she came to California to visit and when my husband and I spent some time with her during our first year of marriage when we were living in El Paso, TX. Sadly, she had never met any of my children. Far too many excuses, but we just never did make the trip to Arkansas with all 3 children in tow.

This May we also get to deal with theft. Big Red has been violated.
The only vehicle that Troy and I have ever bought brand new was stolen from in front of our house this past week. That thing has a Hemi. But don’t fret….it was found! Of course, it was found jacked up on one side while crushing an ice chest on the ground on the other side since the wheels and tires were stolen from it. And the entire stereo system ripped from it’s precious insides. And my personal space completely invaded and shattered. Fishing license, paperwork, lucky coin, keys to our travel trailer…gone. All gone.

Mean people just suck.

And so does the month of May. So let’s just skip it. Who’s with me?


  1. Oh Cheri. I am sorry for your Grandma's passing. I can't beleive people are so bold to steal a vehicle right out of your driveway!! So is the insurance company just going to pay to fix it all? Mean people do suck. I am sorry you really should go and hibernate for the month of May! Hugs to you girlie!!

  2. Cheri, I'm so sorry about your Grandmother. I'll skip May with you as long as I can pop back in on the 20th for my birthday...Deal? If you need anything at all let me know. I can cheer you up by sending you pictures of some of my first scrapbook pages...they are pretty hilarious. Hugs to you!

  3. What a crummy month for you. I'm sorry for everything! I'm happy to skip ahead to June 13. How about that?

  4. Do you think big sad eyes will work on May? LOL

    I'm with you, May is a month i could do without.

    I'm sorry about your grandma too. Even when we're not very close to someone like that, it is rather like losing a touchstone in our lives.

  5. Sorry to hear about Grandma Jamie. I guess that means my chances for another coconut cream pie are gone forever. And those yummy green beans made with fat back, bacon, and onions.

    Glad to hear Big Red is back... although a little beaten up, it's still better than having to buy another one.

    You should LOVE May. Every year it's a reminder of how strong you are. Look at how much you've survived! Celebrate May as your chance to kick the devil in the a** no matter how hard he has tried!!


  6. Sin me up! I too am done with May this year. It is just not getting any better. So sorry about your troubles Cheri. Think of ocean waves and sandy beaches....

  7. Yeah I know what you mean, I always hold my breath during the month of November..particularly on MY birthday. Some awful things have happened on that date, my best birthday present is when the day goes by pretty uneventful! Hope June comes pretty fast for you!
    P.S. Yes... I will especially miss those Coconut Cream Pies! Did you ever have G'mas fried okra? Yummy!

  8. Oh geez! I am so sorry! I hope big red can be repaired and I hope you have some great pictures of your loved ones to bridge the gap. And I agree about May-- my bad stuff happened in May as well :( But knock on a woody...this year has been better :-)

  9. Yuck! OK, let's just rid of May all together and move right on to June. It can be June 1st, like, for 10 days in a row.

  10. Hugs!! I hope that June will be wonderful enough to make up for May!!


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