Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want to come back to life as one of my pets

The Pryor zoo. It's a rough existance to be a member. All you have to do to qualify is have big sad eyes that you can gaze at your human with.



I can have big, sad eyes.

Then once you do the big, sad eye thing you can wander over to the kitchen screen door because no doubt your human will be responding to the big, sad eye trick with a treat.


I like treats. So does this furry monster.


But I don't think I will be able to do that particular trick for my treat. I think I'll stick with the big, sad eyes.

Then I'm going to do a little sun bathing.


Then I will probably get a little warm and wander over to sit in the shade. 2 feet from my human. Or maybe just 1 foot. Can't be too far away in case another treat comes my way.


Because let's be honest...with this pushover around you are gonna get some doggie treats. And steak bones. And dinner scraps. And you probably don't even need the big, sad eyes.



  1. Our fur babies are good at the "sad eyes", too! But then so are the girls - and Rick falls for it everytime!!

  2. Love the pics! How adorable pets!
    Big hugs!
    Betty xx

  3. You photos left a smile on my face. Nothing like furry pals.

  4. Ya in my next life I want to be one of my pets. They want for nothing except maybe more treats. Adorable pics - thanks.

  5. yeah I always say I wanna be a foo foo dog in my next life. Not one of those dogs chained up to a tree one that I can tie the human around my paws lol

  6. Your fur babies are adorable!!!

  7. Doggie treats, steak bones and dinner scraps??? I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner. Sad eyes don't work over here at my house.


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