Monday, November 30, 2009

In just 48 hours...

My husband and I will be on a plane headed for Fiji to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.


It's been a little surreal up to this point. It still is, actually. We (along with 2 friends) purchased our airline tickets clear back in June. We wanted to do our 25th Anniversary BIG. Really BIG! I think we've accomplished that. Initially we were headed for Maui and I was trying to talk Troy in to renewing vows....we were going to invite family and friends...etc, etc....but Troy was afraid I might not say, "I do." this time around.

Well, that's not entirely true. Not entirely.

He never really asked the actual question the first time he "proposed" so he was probably nervous that he would need to ask this time. And that I might just say, "No, thank you. I mean you're a nice guy and everything but I think I'll just wait until I'm older."

That's not really true, either.

So we just stopped talking about the vow renewal altogether because it made him sweat and fidget. That is entirely true. When I told my best friend, Linda (who was initially planning on coming to witness the vow renewal) that we weren't going to do that, she said she would still like to come to Maui anyway since she had never been there. She was going to stay a week, we would stay for 2 weeks.

So I popped on line to make reservations through our time-share resort membership thingy. I was on night-shift, a little bored (that's not really true...I was a lot bored) and started surfing around their website and discovered they had a resort location in Fiji! One thing led to another, one more person was invited to even out the numbers, we booked tickets, booked the room and here we are some 187 days later.


It goes without saying that I will most likely NOT be around a computer for 2 weeks. There will be no blog posts about Fiji as we experience it. There will be blog posts, just not about Fiji. Yet. But I've scheduled 3 posts to entertain and wow you. All 3 posts celebrate our 25 years together in some way and lead up to mine and Troy's anniversary on December 15, with an extra special post scheduled for that actual date.

So don't miss it!!

Because there may be a prize!

That may or may not be true.


  1. OMG That is superb!!! I'm so happy for you.
    Have a great, fun time!
    Love you.

  2. Totally awesome! I'm so excited for you guys!

    By the time I have a 25 year anniversary I'll probably be dead. :-/ That's what I get for waiting to get married and then getting divorced. LOL

  3. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

    I could say "hope you have a good time" but i think that's a foregone conclusion. :)

  4. Sheri, if I would have stayed married at any time, i would have celebrated 3 of them anniversaries by now, thats not true, maybe two, oh, alright then she would have killed me by now and I wouldn't be here to read your blog.

  5. Have fun and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

  6. I hope you are loving Fiji (and Troy) right about now. Have an amazing 2 weeks!

  7. I am sitting here in the middle of a blizzard green with envy, or just plain jeolous. LOL

  8. Fiji. Wow! I think I'm jealous, but I'm also afraid I'm slowly turning into my husband and not wanting to travel that far. Nevertheless... CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years - that is so awesome.


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