Sunday, November 15, 2009

About that Wizard of Oz Slot Machine...

First things first.

If you are relatively new to this blog, you need to understand that I have an unusual love for the Wizard of Oz. I *heart* all things Oz. If you so desire to catch up with this phenomena you may do so by reading this...and this...or maybe this....and this....and let's not forget this.

There's more. Trust me. It's a sickness.

Now that we are all on board, let me get to the point of this post. Remember Patti? My Canadian, partying, gambling internet friend?


During my recent visit to Niagara Falls to visit her and a couple of other internet friends (see previous "internet safety" post before you lecture me...I understand the dangers...sort of) we hit the casino. At one point Patti started sashaying around the casino floor. She seemed aloof and giddy at the same time. Something was up, I could FEEL it. When she finally revealed where she was headed I lost my breath. She was VERY excited to show it to me. And I was VERY excited to see that lovely piece of metal. NOT so excited when that shiney-shoed girl from Kansas took my money. A lot of my money. But it just sucked me in like a tornado with it's sparkly images and extra fun bonus rounds and Bose surround sound built in to the seat.

Yes. Bose Surround Sound during a tornado. It was AWESOME!

There is no picture in existence of me playing said machine. Because we were not allowed to take pictures in the casino. And you know we followed the rules, right? RIGHT? *cough-cough* The truth is it is residing on a cell phone and I don't have it yet. gotta love google!!

Here is that lovely beauty in all her glory.


And if you are so inclined to view a little video and watch it in all its bonus round loveliness?

This machine did NOT show me the same kind of love that I so richly deserve. I've been a faithful follower practically my entire life. And there was just NO LOVE, PEOPLE! Those 3 free tequila drinks were the most expensive drinks I've ever had. But those images...those sounds...the action....those bright was almost too much for me to handle.

But not so much that I had to walk away.

Step away from the sparkly shoes, Cheri. Just step away.

Somehow tequila makes a girl hard of hearing.


  1. LMBO! I can't believe they ever got you away from that machine! I have a visual of Patti, Gina, and Cassandra with a crowbar.
    Patti seems very nice, but she has an evil side. Ask her about a magic kit. ;)

  2. Where was this machine of which you speak? I've seen Oz machines at Thunder Valley, but not exactly like the one pictured.

    p.s. My word verification is "butch"? Now what the heck does THAT mean?

  3. Too bad there isn't a pic. Cough, cough. I can't believe I forgot to tell you Ashlyn's reaction to Wizard of Oz, which she saw for the first time this weekend... I'll share with you later.

  4. ok, for you, that is TOTALLY awesome! I would have LOVED to have seen you losing (preferably winning) some cashola from that thing!

  5. I passed this machine last time I was in Vegas and fondly thought of you and your obsession :)


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