Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What happened here?

I fell off the face of the earth for about a month. Yes, it's true. It happens. It's a treacherous place, off the face of the earth. Just sayin'. And while I was gone, trying hard to climb back on, people came to visit my blog. People I don't know. Strangers, you might call them.

Hmmm....and LOTS of traffic here.

Maybe I should fall off the face of the earth more often. I seem to be much more popular that way. Who knew so many people would be interested in listening to my dog sing me Happy Birthday....or feel pity at the lack of windows in my life...or pop in to my older posts and laugh at my awkward years. (Okay, everybody knows people will laugh at my awkward years. Whatever.)

So it was nice to climb back on the face of the planet and be welcomed by all these lovely comments. So whoever you all are....all these 33 followers that have popped up...thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Well, your blog is certainly the envy of my blog.
    Perhaps my blog can buy your blog a cup of coffee and pick it's brain?
    My blogs people will contact your blogs people.
    ~Jo ("Diary Of A Sad Housewife")

  2. I am one of the new followers you mention. I just stumbled upon your page while ambling through blog country. I subscribed because I felt strongly related to your writings about your aging mother. I work in a hospital dealing mostly with stroke patients, and I have ailing grandparents all around me. It's nice to know that someone else can verbalize the frustrations and craziness of such a labor of love. You worry that someone might think poorly of you for speaking like that, but I know the emotions are true, common and rarely exaggerated. You and I are part of a growing segment of society dealing with these role reversals, and you aren't alone.

  3. I follow you because you are a looney tuney. :)

  4. well we all wanna hang with the cool girl!! Your blog is very entertaining is why we all love to follow you!


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