Friday, July 10, 2009

Borrowing this post...

from Lin. I'm not feeling very creative or insightful to come up with my own topic. Could be my old age setting in. Or laziness. Either way, enjoy!

Outside my window... I currently do not have a window. I'm all holed up in this here cave, working a night shift. Do you *see* any windows? Yeah.
I am thinking... that I can't wait to get outside. It's been about 11 hours since I've seen the outside of this building because there are no windows.
I am thankful for... a good job, even if there are no windows in the room I have to sit in shift after shift, 12 hours at a time, with no way to gaze outside.
From the kitchen... there are also no windows. It is directly off the control room (the picture I posted above) and is the designated area for me to burn popcorn once a week.
I am wearing... a pretty heavy sweat jacket. Because it's summer. And it is freezing in the cave that I sit in which has no windows.
I am creating... a blog post about not having windows to look out while at work.
I am going... to go look at the blueprints for our company's new building that is currently under construction to see if there will be any windows.
I am reading... Fehrenheit 451. I have no clever window reference here. Damn.
I am hoping... I'm not even going to say it. You already know what I'm hoping for after I look at those blue prints.
I am hearing... well it certainly isn't birds or a breeze or the sprinklers that could be on right now because there are no windows for me to open to give the wonderful world of the outdoors a listen.
Around the house... there are windows. And when I get home I am going to covet every single one of them, water spots and all.
One of my favorite things... window seats. I love to curl up with a good book and read in a window seat. A seat that has a window. That you can look out of from time to freakin' time.
A few plans for the rest of the week... going out to celebrate my birthday in a restaurant that has windows. Will be getting there by car which also has windows. Then I'm going to a concert which will be held outdoors and I WON'T NEED ANY STINKIN' WINDOWS.


  1. I love windows! Light! Fresh air!

    I hated when i used to have to work in a cave.

    My current office has a window, but the doc was considering moving me to a cave & my soul was saying, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

    The window makes the room very hot summer afternoons, but i'd rather have the light.

  2. Your post made me giggle. What concert are you going to?

  3. Your silly......and I wish you nothing but tons of freakin windows cause I wub you!

  4. Buy that girl some windows! There are no windows in my office either, which is problematic when I leave to find it's pouring rain or snowing--meaning I should have left 15 minutes earlier to ensure I make it to daughter's daycare by the 6pm closing time.

  5. wishing you a boatload of windows.

  6. Windows are good. Windows are nice. Windows are healthy. Tell the architect that.

  7. Oh, Cheripryor, you are a funny, funny lady. Wish you could yell it to the world, out your window. :)

  8. Well, if you had a window that you could open, then you would be able to feel the temperature outside to know that it is not 451 Farenheit outside... does that one work???

  9. OK, but one thing I want to know is, and I don't know what is making me think to ask this seemingly random question, but, what is your stand on windows?

    Also? Happy Birthday!

  10. What an interesting place to work! And I mean that seriously...

  11. I like your post! It is funny. May I borrow the concept too? :)

  12. you are cool. by the way my windows are about eight feet high. i live in an apertment that used to be a school


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