Friday, August 14, 2009

Dilemma #1,974

Quick background: Potty break at work taken perilously close to having an accident. Run-walk to the closest bathroom which is inside a locker/shower area with ONE dedicated toilet.

Delimma: The previous user did not flush the toilet and the paper toilet seat cover remains with the unflushed contents.

What do you do?

And why does this crap always happen to me? (pun intended)


  1. THAT is so gross. How lazy do you have to be to not lift your arm to flush a toilet?

    Pretty damn lazy.

  2. @ Lesle: even lazier since it is an auto-flush toilet and the previous user simply neglected to TURN AROUND to check and make sure it all went down.

  3. ok that is just nasty! and it's an auto flush at that! where's that barfing smilie when I need it!

  4. You become a male and don't have to be required to squat; if this is improbable for you, then hover, don't fully sit down.

  5. I think that happens to all.
    I' m following you. Not even a reply of thks.
    Never mind.
    In case you visit my blog:
    All the best

  6. And it's even grosser at work because it's someone you KNOW that did it! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    And yeah, I don't see you blogging, like, forever and all of a sudden BLAMMO you've got a bunch here for me to catch up on!


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