Monday, August 24, 2009

How do I even title this post?

This is a picture of a pair of my favorite pants. Well, they were my favorite until today.


I'm not sure how well you can see this picture taken with my phone and I'm sorry there can't be a better one. My cell phone was the only camera I had available and this picture HAD to be taken.

You see, I'm traveling this week for work. I got on a big plane at the Sacramento airport and flew to Los Angeles. I then proceeded to the car rental terminal with my boss. MY BOSS. We approached this sexy red Mustang and I smiled with delight at how wonderful the ride to the office would be in this lovely beast.

The smile quickly disappeared and was replaced by shock and horror as I sat down on that beautiful leather seat and heard the most distressing of all noises.


"Holy Crap!! My pants just ripped out!" My boss laughed and continued to embark on our travel. I really don't think he appreciated just HOW ripped my pants were. But I could feel the leather on my skin. I knew it was bad. Titanic bad. And I began to wonder how in the hell I was going to get from the car in the parking lot to the building where we worked.

Because I had this problem....


My plan quickly came in to development in my mind and I informed my boss that he was going to need to get my suitcase out for me once we got to the campus where our building was. My plan was to get something....ANYTHING...out of the suitcase and drape it around my waist.

Once we arrived and parked, my boss exited the car and I really took a good look at my pants. I quickly realized that NOTHING in my suitcase was going to cover the grand canyon of rips in this pair of pants. The natural air conditioning was just lovely but it was doing nothing to cool the heat I felt in my face.

Help me.

So the plan changed quickly. Very quickly. As my boss brought the suitcase to the side of the car, he mumbled "Mmm...Hmmm.." Yeah. Exactly. I promptly announced that I would be changing in the car. He promised he wouldn't look, but didn't say anything about keeping any passer-by lookie-loos from the windows. Oh, well. I've been in worse situations.

Like when this EXACT thing happened a few years ago. With co-workers. In the bowling alley during league. And I still had 2 games left to bowl.

Yeah. That's how my life rolls.

I'm very thankful for 2 things today: That the good Lord didn't let this happen while I was ON THE PLANE and....and....and the other thing? That I didn't have on my thong underwear.

You know, like that night at the bowling alley.


  1. oh how funny, sorry but it is.omg, sorry can't stop laughing. i will tell you later

  2. you know that I really love you Cheri, right? I was laughing along with you..... :+)


  3. I feel like a terrible person for literally LOLOLOL-ing at this. You've cheered me up greatly. Oh schadenfreude, will you ever be fair?

    I love your blog!

  4. I swear this stuff ONLY happens to you!

  5. i'm really, really, really sorry.... not only that this happened to you but also because i'm laughing my pants off HA! HA! HA! OMG! tears are rolling! (i'm so glad you have such a great sense of humour.)


  6. Only you, Cheri!!! And I am laughing with you (mostly!)

  7. That is just hilarious. The fact that it was with your boss only makes it better. The way you tell these stories is what makes them so funny. LOVE reading your blog.

  8. Pardon my laughing hysterically at your misfortune, but that picture...of those pants? BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry.

    Obviously, you need to carry a backup burlap sack for any future...incidents.

  9. LMAO

    You poor thing. Now you can understand why I always wear a large black sweater . . . I've always got something handy to cover up in potentially embarrassing moments.

  10. Hi Cheri, What a day!
    I'm sorry, but so funny!
    You described that story in a very
    funny way.
    Betty Mann from(
    I also liked your photo (skillful).

  11. Thank you for sharing that picture. I needed a laugh! I'm not sure I needed to laugh that hard, but... well you get the point. :-)

  12. how do you get so lucky! LOL just!!!

  13. i've had worse ive had pants rip down the front because they were to small. by one size

  14. OMG. I have never ripped my pants, but I think I just peed mine laughing at this post.

  15. That's some bad gas.

  16. So no pic of you in the ripped pants this time, eh??? hehe

  17. OH MY!!!! I think you just lived everyone's worst nightmare!!!

  18. Ha ha. Maybe not so funny then... but super hilarious now. lol. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile... and even before I had my first cup of coffee.

  19. Cheri - I knew I could come to you for a good laugh. You should really be syndicated

  20. OMG that is hysterical!
    I am sorry for you though!


  21. Hey Cheri,
    How long has it been since.... I really was worried.You see, I do respect you, because you worth it.
    Just passing by to say hi and thank yo sooo much for your kind words. As about cuchions, I think the can change the whole atmosphere of a house.
    Having light ones in spring, summer,
    and intense colors for winder.
    Don't you think?

    Warm regards, :)

  22. White pants have always been painfully impractical, anyways. Ripping is just one more thing they do that is just an utter nuisance.

    Buy black pants next time! ;]

  23. OOOOOOOhhhhh please promise me that something like this can happen while we are in Canada!!!


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