Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of my new favorite blogs...

The Internet is just simply a wonderful thing. And a bad thing with how much it sucks me in to its vortex. But it's mostly a wonderful thing.

I've found long-lost high school friends, made brand new friends and reconnected with old co-workers. It's a delight to catch up with all these folks. It breaks up the monotony of my own life. Do not confuse "monotony" with "dull".

mo·not·o·nous (m-ntn-s)
1. Sounded or spoken in an unvarying tone.
2. Tediously repetitious or lacking in variety.

It perfectly describes my life. I'm always yelling at my children in the same, unvarying tone and they tediously and repeatedly lack in their variety to actually do what I ask them to do. It's not dull, but it's doesn't vary much. Hence, the monotony of my life.

I'm off track. I do that a lot here.

So after much arm pulling and begging and...oh, who am I kidding. I was just nosey and decided I needed to join Facebook one day. Strange little community, this Facebook. I found old classmates, old co-workers, old friends, and some people that I didn't really want to find at all. Hey, you take the good with the bad. What can I say?

But I ended up finding a particular person that I worked with many years ago. He was THE first person who welcomed me to this new job in Sacramento outside of my boss. I was just a scared little country girl and this guy acted like he had known me all his life. It was quite comforting and we ended up becoming wonderful lunch buddies. It was a big group of us, actually. It saddens me because I believe I am the sole survivor of that big lunch crew. *sigh* (Still trying to figure out a good date to have lunch again!) But imagine my delight when I saw him as a friend of a friend of one of my friends. (Yes, I'm a Facebook stalker).

So we got to chatting one day...and he ended up just calling me on the phone. I didn't even realize people still wanted to do that. But it was so good to hear his voice. We talked for awhile and the whole subject of blogging came up. I told him how much I loved to blog and he said, "Yeah. My wife has this *little* blog she writes on all the time."

Meet the *little* blog:

Nanny Goat in Panties

Okay, he didn't say little. Because it's not. But he was very excited for me to go read it. And read it I did....for about 4 hours on night shift one night! This woman's writing is incredibly funny and highly contagious. I read her entire post history that night and always look forward to my little notification that she has updated.

I stalk her.

Well, I do comment over there quite a lot, too. So that's not *really* stalking, is it?

So go visit Margaret at Nanny Goats In Panties. You will absolutely NOT be disappointed!! Start with this post. You will find yourself reading the whole stinkin' blog. Trust me.


  1. Holy cow, woman, aren't you just the nicest thing ever! It's not often you go visit a blog and find yourself (and your husband) plastered all over it. I could KISS you for all the bloggy love - MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

  2. @ Nanny: lol!! I haven't even finished fine-tuning this post...and here you are. Don't you have some sleeping to get to or something? Your blog is well-deserving of it's own post. Trust me. It keeps me entertained on night shift.

  3. Oops, OK then. I wasn't even here. I'll come back later and fawn over your post when it's all done. Didn't mean to be the impatient cow-MOO!

  4. cheri, well hon bess and me were reading you blog this mornin we too are not real good on this computer stuff just now learnin how to ypr on it, and good thing it has the spell check or would really be in trouble, anyways, went to that there site i like seening that billy goat wearin them panties, but now bess wantd to redo the whole house in that dam liner stuff. thanks a lot.
    enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed

  5. I love FB for connecting with old friends!

  6. Hey Cheri,
    You're a godess! I was so happy reading your amazing comments on each of my posts.Thank you so much.
    YOU are a just wonderful person.
    I joined FB, too,and I love it.
    Tks for the recommened blog you introduced us.I'm going to visit it

  7. Hi, Cheri, Jo again here--before I get started on another one of my soliloquies (and we know how I LOVE to do that!) I just want to sincerely thank you for your kind reply and empathy to my post a few days ago.

    Now, back to that soliloquy I'm so anxious to begin... :D

    I just want to say that, like yourself, I too joined 'Facebook' for what seems to be the same reasons--and then left a month later...

    I actually blogged about it a month or so ago saying that I, too, found long lost co-workers, friends and even family members.

    At first, I was tickled.

    I wanted to build a network--a sisterhood, if you will--as I'm kind of isolated in my own little 'wonderment' that is my life and home.

    I don't have girls nights out (alas, no girls to go out with). I don't travel. I don't 'do lunch'.

    I wanted to reconnect and dip my toe into the water of life again.

    So, I "hi'd and how are you'd" all over the place--and very much like your confession, I too became stalker-ish; "Wonder if THIS person is here??? Ooooh, they are. Now, who do THEY know that I might know...?"

    Primarily what I ended up figuring out, though, is that I was trying to fit into the lives of people (again, even FAMILY) that made it very clear that they already had a life in progress and I wasn't particularly needed to fill in any gaps.

    They were perfectly content with their lives and the people in it as evidenced by--not only their lack of responses to anything I ever wrote on their page or mine--their displays of pictures in restaurants, bars and living rooms with empty glasses in front of them. Smiling faces with freshly applied lipstick. Arms draped around each other.

    Who was I kidding? The only gap in anyone's life was my own.

    So, beautiful gal, I wish you better luck there. It sounds like you're off to a good start with re-connecting and I wish for you happy results.

    End of said soliloquy.

    Carry on.


    Peace, love and happiness,
    ("Diary Of A Sad Housewife")

  8. Cheri...just found my way to your blog...quite hilarious and more hilarious is the fact that I had the same happening look in junior high...perhaps the exact pair of glasses. I believe that since I survived the 70's, I can survive what life throws at me now!

  9. thanks for the new blog to entertain me Cheri! Off to check it out. Oh yeah I jointed facebook but deleted my account people that I was hiding from were actually finding me LOL

  10. Patti is the evil one who got me blog hooked. Cheri, I love following yours. I'm not as good at keeping up with Facebook.

  11. That is so weird! I discovered that blog last week completely by chance! Love it!
    I was really blah about Facebook until a few months into it. Then, I started connecting with people I never would have otherwise, and realizing that even with the people I am close to, I know more about what's going on with them, and feel even closer in a way. There is some bad with that, people that annoyed me before still annoy me now, but you are right, you take the good with the bad.
    What I love about blogging is how we all support each other. There can't be too many blogs, because all these wonderful talented folks get to express themselves and be discovered, even if it is just within this online community. Yay for you for singling another great one out!

  12. Nanny goats in Panties? Wtf?
    Some people just can't control their actions when photoshop is near... who can I blame for this.
    Hm... I blame Nanny goats and Panties!


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