Monday, December 22, 2008

What do you get

when you cross a busy holiday season with busy work schedules with an annoying head cold thrown in for good measure?

A stale blog. That's what.

I'll be updating with pics of my mom's Christmas menagerie tonight. Pinky swear. But while I am here I'll send out a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my nephew, Derrick and a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my nephew, Tyler. Hope your days were wonderful!

Until tonight....


  1. I hope you plan on bringing lots of alcohol and mixers on Thursday!

  2. That's Ok, I will let you slide! Hope you feel better soon and can't wait to see pics of your Mom's decorations!

  3. My word verification was NATEDI.
    Is'nt that just too coincidental to NETI POT? We were just laughing about it 5 minutes ago! Hope your cold goes away see ya soon! Wuv, Birthday Boyz Mom.

    Heres a Happy B'day shout out to them too! Love ya!

  4. Christie...yeah. Thanks for that. It was fun trying to explain to the person that called what I was laughing and coughing about. But I probably need the stupid Netipot. Seriously. If I get one I'll video tape it for you, okay?

  5. I'll buy you "Dual-Action Cleanse" and then you can have a double feature video!

    Are you ready for Pictionary?

  6. hmmmm...that explains the need for airborne this morning!!!! guess'n I'm going to go get nyquil.

  7. @cbear: yeah, I know. Who gave this crap to us, anyway? I'm miserable!

  8. I'll forgive the slide, if you forgive me for not visiting for a few days. :D


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