Thursday, December 4, 2008

A post every day in November...

would not have been possible without the extra effort put forth by my daughter while I was out of town....where internet access is at a premium and extremely difficult to find.

And there was Black Friday Shopping to do, people. I had my priorities.

But Lindsay did well. I'm a little worried about her spelling. But I've been worried about her spelling since the 4th grade. She just doesn't spell I don't know how much of her jargon was on purpose and what was truly a mistake. But it was fun. I know I enjoyed reading her nonsense when I returned as much as some of you did. She was a good sport.

And for being a good sport she'll get a Christmas present or two or seven.

Thanks for all your support for the month. I have to tell wasn't easy even when I *did* have internet access.

Posting the drawing winner in


  1. Your dd did a great job of keeping your blog fresh! I guess she will be getting a spellchecker for Christmas! lol

  2. I screwed up in November, so I'm trying for every day in December. Wish me luck.

  3. I know what you mean about priorties!! I had mine on Black Friday too! I loved your dd's posting. I think she should post once a week. How old is she again? I have a *hot* son. LOL I know he would love to live in California!


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