Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miss Tilly is Home!!

Little stinker. Was sad she got left at Grandma's house, so being all ninja-like she scurried out of the backyard to find me. But she couldn't find her way back home.

And she was only 2 houses away. She's not a very good ninja.

We are so happy someone took the time to search for her owner. And we are thrilled she is safe at Grandma's house again....but I think Daddy is gonna give her a good talking to when we have her back in Sacramento.



  1. SO happy she came home!! She is one lucky dog!! Love that photo!!

  2. oh wow! I'm so glad you found her!

  3. Thank Goodness!!! I am so glad she was found safe and sound!!!!

  4. I'm so glad you found her! I bet she has a new found appreciation for how good she has it after "ruffing" it for a few days. Har-de-har-har...

  5. I am so glad that she is home! Love the photo.
    Our Coco has the same/very similar collar. Love the bling.

  6. Yippepeeee!! Crazy dog!
    I'm sure there are no mug shots for this one though? lol


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