Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is chivalry alive and well?

I'm just not sure. husband is a great person and he really is pretty romantic. I get flowers for no reason a few times a year, he plans little nights out, I get nice thoughtful things for my birthday and know, good stuff!

But at what point did I start having to open my own doors?

I know. I know. I get all that other stuff and yet here I am complaining about not getting a door opened for me anymore. But it's more than the door not being opened for me. Frankly, I'm getting tired of only seeing the backside of Troy as he rushes out the door leaving me in the dust. The guy simply never waits for me.

Case in point:
We went out to dinner recently.
The check came.
I pulled my card out.
The waitress came and took it away.
Cue for Troy to LEAVE me sitting there waiting for the card to come back.
Leave me by myself.
Leave me to walk through the restaurant alone.
Leave me to open the damn door myself.

I asked him when I got outside what the big hurry was. "What do you mean?" Huh? There is nothing else *TO* mean from that statement.

He just. doesn't. get it.

He's really slipping.

And as I am sitting here typing this, I can't recall a single time the man ever laid down his coat over a puddle so I could walk over it. 23 years I've been married to this man and you would think he wouldn't mind getting his coat dirty.

I think I've been jipped.


  1. Cheri Pryor.. my username is cheripryor.. How the heck's it going girlie?? You know come to think of it no man has ever laid down his coat for me either. I do get the door opened when the dh is wanting some some.. LOL
    Tell you what, if we remarry for Texas this year I'll lay my towel town so you don't slip while getting in the pool for our Synchronized Swimming Reunion!!
    Thanks for leaving a post on my blog.. Lub ya too!! Monika

  2. are not all what they are cracked up to be!!

  3. See the problem is you paid. He had no reason to be there. What, so the waiter could look at him like "Dude, what's up, what kinda man are you letting the girl pay?" So instead he makes for the door. Next time hand him the card and say "honey take care of this for me" and you get your pretty little booty up and sascha to the lady's room. As for the door thing, walk faster, get to the door first and then stand there waiting for him to open it? Just a thought.

  4. Ok so this post speaks to me right now more than you even know. You have no idea.


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