Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tagging myself

I'm new to this blogging stuff. But I have lurked around MANY blogs and discovered this "being tagged" thingy. Nobody has tagged me. They must not know I'm here. Yeah. That's it.

So I'm just tagging myself...which kind of resembles asking myself to a dance and standing in the corner alone all night. I got this from my friend's blog where she tagged herself. I'm going with 10 things. Because 10 makes me happy.

And if Cathy reads this....we can tag each other now!

1. The number 10 (it had to be done...)
2. My cute doggies
3. *Real* mail...a card...a letter...anything besides a bill or offer to reduce my mortgage rates.
4. My kids and their silly humor
5. Red tulips
6. Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies
7. A new pair of cute socks
8. The sunroof in my car
9. Chai Lattes
10. Getting to see my bff this weekend


  1. You turkey! I tagged you a long time back, something about using your middle name and coming up with something about you that starts with each letter... Now I'm rambling lol!!!

  2. Hey, I'll tag you if you tag me!

  3. Congrats on the blog. You just had to use a blog service that requires people to sign up. Hope I remember my user name and password, other wise this will be the only comment I leave. Or like many other websites I will just open a new account with a new password every time I leave a message. There must be a hundred plus accounts I've opened just for this very reason.

  4. Miss you on the boards Cheri. Hope all is well! *hugs*


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