Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Random things from the last 10 days...

10 days ago we did this



I cried some. Okay, I cried more than that. Whatever. Don't judge me. Congratulations to my daughter and her best friends, Virginia and Rhea!

After seeing some of the graduation pictures I have decided YET AGAIN to get back on track with weight loss. Just as soon as 4th of July weekend is over. Because how can you diet over 4th of July? Or probably after my birthday. Because how can you diet when you want to eat birthday cake? Or maybe after.....

The AC has gone out in our house. With temperatures forecasted to be in the high 90's (or 100 on Sunday) we are under the gun to get this situation resolved. My husband normally keeps our thermostat set around 68. No, I'm not kidding. I usually wear a sweatshirt and slippers. Well, not JUST a sweatshirt and slippers but you get the picture. So I'm actually thawed out and happy and my husband is miserable and cranky. Last night it was a balmy 82 degrees in our house and ManPryor was none too happy as he sulked upstairs with a floor fan in his hand to go to bed.

This is my mother. At the graduation bbq. This was meant for the bbq master ManPryor but it was too hot to wear it. It fits her perfectly, don't you agree? Maybe a little too perfect.


My sister gave me some cute shirts last week. Really cute. I wore one to work yesterday. It is green with some gold sparkly running throughout it. One hour in to my work day my desk area looked like Tinkerbell had been running amuck. I shared my pixie dust with some of my crew members. I'm sure their wives will be thrilled as they try to explain, "I really WAS at work, honey!"

Big Red has been returned. All fixed up and shined up and pretty. I'm sure he's happy to be back home. We are feeing very overprotective and will be getting an alarm system installed as soon as our home AC is fixed. Priorities, people. ManPryor needs to be happy before inadament object Big Red feels secure.

This is me taking a picture of my brother taking a picture.


This is my brother taking a picture of me taking a picture.


We aren't normally so immature, taking pictures of such stupid things. Yeah. That's right. You heard me. We are pretty serious, mature people who take outstanding pictures of things really important that document a wonderful time so that we can remember them forever. And share them for generations to come. Well, except for these two. And the picture of my mother. And these....


How many drivers out there really think the rule of "slower vehicles use right hand lane" really means "slower vehicles use the left hand lane for MILES even when there are many vehicles behind you that want to go the speed limit and you are not allowing that to happen." Based on my commutes to and from work this week I would say about 278 in the Sacramento area alone.

This is a picture of my sister's mouth. Specifically her "bling". Can you see it? Don't be jealous. It's only temporary.


Is it weird that she has been listening to a lot of NWA, Eminem and Snoop Dogg? I think she is secretly enjoying it and I'm wondering if this is just the first step towards this:


I'm traveling to Los Angeles for work this weekend. The last time I went to our southern office this happened. I will be taking every precaution I can to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions take place. I will also be traveling with a sweater. Just in case. My hope is that the trip will be completely uneventful.

You are probably hoping for something different. Like something more typical for me. I'm not even sure what typical for me is anymore. Either way, I'll update when I return.

Or sooner if necessary.

I'm hoping it's not necessary. But I've already covered that.


Monday, June 14, 2010

The signs....they're everywhere

First I saw this when I came home from running a bunch of errands.


And this


And this


Then I walked in the house and saw this laying on the fireplace


And this...which sent tears to my eyes.


I finally saw this on my couch. It's one of my daughter's best friends, Virginia, apparently exhausted from all the senior activities that have taken place over the last week. I'm not sure any of those activities have had anything to do with studying anything.


The food is ready to bbq. The cake is ordered. The decorations bought. The guests invited. I shall be up early getting the last minute details taken care of.

And I shall be wearing waterproof mascara.

And carrying tissue.

From the moment I wake up tomorrow.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Speaking of "boys" and their toys...

Remember Buddy?

I think we've been through 10 Buddys since that blog post first introducing him. We currently have 3 scattered throughout the yard/house. As I was taking pictures of the boy-toy on our back porch yesterday a scenario unfolded right in front of the camera.

This was one of them lurking in the background of my picture.


And this is what happened when Tilly wandered over to investigate Buddy. I really wish there was video but you'll have to just use your own imagination and insert some low growling noises. It is also important to note that I haven't seen Hamish move that fast since....since...well since getting fed this morning.


No female is going to touch the boy toy. Not that any of us female-types would want to touch that particular one. It's been outside in the rain. It's smelling pretty ripe.

Just the way the boy likes it....

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boys and their toys

While catching up on all my blog reading this morning...because, you know, I don't have anything else I should be doing *cough-cough*....I read an update from Cassandra about a gift she bought her boyfriend. She closed it out with a little comment about boys and their toys.

Can I ever relate.

Despite the fact that my husband owns a perfectly good fishing boat, this is currently sitting on my back porch. It is the result of several shopping trips over the last 9 months.


It's been sitting on my porch for almost a week now. My husband has A LOT of extra time on his hands. In his excitement of the weather clearing up (and let's be honest, he was bored) he decided to get this toy down from the rafters of the garage and do some experimenting with it before his next big adventure with his uncle.

This little floater in the back is what he referred to as his "dingy". I thought dingys were much bigger. I'll make no additional comments on this.


This is where the experimenting came in to play. He has taken a crate and zip-tied it to the raft. He then zip-tied the fishing pole holder to the crate. And of course if you have a 3-pole holder you HAVE to have 3 poles. I can't even fathom what extra expense he will go to in filling the crate with fishing "essentials". And since I don't really fish I'll have to trust him that everything he buys really is "essential". Yeah. Right.


When I walked out there the other night I caught him gazing lovingly at this creation. This toy. This work of experimental art. He was actually sitting in the thing. I pondered over this for a bit and asked him a single question.

"You do realize this thing needs water, right?"

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't you hate when people have contests and leave you hanging?

Me, too.

What? I did that? On THIS blog? For shame.

I kept hoping I would get one of the members of my household to draw a name for me. But nobody was ever around when I remembered, "Oh, I have this contest I need to close out." So I decided today I better just plug in my numbers to and pick a winner.

So I did. My first random winner was #7...which was MY response comment. Sweet. So I had to pay closer attention to how many actual entries I had. So after recounting (eliminating duplicate entries and my own) the winning number is:


So if you count through the comments, skipping any multiple comments and mine that makes the winner "jasonhaspeopleskills". He doesn't need to email me for his prize. I'm already well aware how to get in touch with him. In fact I'll probably see him for 12 hours tomorrow night while he sits at the desk right next to me at work.

Congrats, Jason! And thanks to everyone for commenting and visiting me. More ramblings shortly....

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