Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't you hate when people have contests and leave you hanging?

Me, too.

What? I did that? On THIS blog? For shame.

I kept hoping I would get one of the members of my household to draw a name for me. But nobody was ever around when I remembered, "Oh, I have this contest I need to close out." So I decided today I better just plug in my numbers to and pick a winner.

So I did. My first random winner was #7...which was MY response comment. Sweet. So I had to pay closer attention to how many actual entries I had. So after recounting (eliminating duplicate entries and my own) the winning number is:


So if you count through the comments, skipping any multiple comments and mine that makes the winner "jasonhaspeopleskills". He doesn't need to email me for his prize. I'm already well aware how to get in touch with him. In fact I'll probably see him for 12 hours tomorrow night while he sits at the desk right next to me at work.

Congrats, Jason! And thanks to everyone for commenting and visiting me. More ramblings shortly....

1 comment:

  1. I'll be honest, while i occasionally enter a give away, it is never my motivation for reading folks' blogs. I just love to read the stories of their lives.

    (I didn't notice you didn't close out the contest, & i didn't remember i'd entered.)

    I just like reading Cheri. :P


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