Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boys and their toys

While catching up on all my blog reading this morning...because, you know, I don't have anything else I should be doing *cough-cough*....I read an update from Cassandra about a gift she bought her boyfriend. She closed it out with a little comment about boys and their toys.

Can I ever relate.

Despite the fact that my husband owns a perfectly good fishing boat, this is currently sitting on my back porch. It is the result of several shopping trips over the last 9 months.


It's been sitting on my porch for almost a week now. My husband has A LOT of extra time on his hands. In his excitement of the weather clearing up (and let's be honest, he was bored) he decided to get this toy down from the rafters of the garage and do some experimenting with it before his next big adventure with his uncle.

This little floater in the back is what he referred to as his "dingy". I thought dingys were much bigger. I'll make no additional comments on this.


This is where the experimenting came in to play. He has taken a crate and zip-tied it to the raft. He then zip-tied the fishing pole holder to the crate. And of course if you have a 3-pole holder you HAVE to have 3 poles. I can't even fathom what extra expense he will go to in filling the crate with fishing "essentials". And since I don't really fish I'll have to trust him that everything he buys really is "essential". Yeah. Right.


When I walked out there the other night I caught him gazing lovingly at this creation. This toy. This work of experimental art. He was actually sitting in the thing. I pondered over this for a bit and asked him a single question.

"You do realize this thing needs water, right?"

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  1. ...a trailer is another essential item he will need. Ummmhmmm....

    did I miss it, or did you mention.. does it have a beer holder?

  2. Oh, oh, oh! They are so funny, aren't they?

    Duane has had that Jeep up on blocks the past few days as he tries to decide what it is about the starter that keeps leaving up stranded! I've a feeling this is just the beginning with that toy.

    Hope he has fun, tho. I think my hubby would love this. Does he want to bring it to Big Bear Lake? We have an extra room. :)

  3. There's gotta be some crazy contest in which he can enter this contraption, right? Has he christened it anything yet?

  4. @Teresa LoopThis contraption fits right in to the back of the truck. And did you see the soft ice chest next to the crate? Yeah. It's for "bait"....

  5. @Nanny Goats In PantiesI'm not encouraging this and neither should you. I haven't seen any broken bottles yet so I'm not sure the christening has taken place. BTW...can you actually break a bottle across the bow of an inflatable raft?

  6. @YankeeYeah. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  7. @KathrynBig Bear Lake is quite a little trek for us. But it's certainly something to consider for next year!! (Serioulsy)

  8. Boys do have big and expensive toys. At least our toys can fit inside on a desk...so when are you joining the Cricult?

  9. @Karen Mills While I might agree with you on size of a few items, I cannot agree on quantity. My hobby takes up an entire room in my house. Troy's hangs in the rafters. lol!!

    I'm not joining your cult. I belong to the Wishblade angels.

  10. WOW! GENIUS! are you sure Troy does not have a wee bit of coonass in him? I mean this boat is the BOMB! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. well at least it has been keeping him out of your hair. LOL Why would he want to use this instead of his boat? Boys make me laugh!!


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