Saturday, August 23, 2008

I neeeeeed one of these!

I'm pretty sure that Hannah-Barbara envisioned this to be a reality by the year 2008. Don't you? So where is she and why has she not shown up for work at my house yet?



  1. If Rosie shows up at your house, ask her if she has a sister. And send her my way, please!!!!

  2. Oh seriously! Forget Hannah-Barbara envisioning this...I can remember thinking that this would be a reality by now-- I think before now! Back then, 2008 seemed, oh, SO far away. Surely we would all be operating flying cars with robot cleaning people in our houses by THEN!
    I think even Rosie would gasp in horror at my house right now, and then call for backup...

  3. I could seriously use one of those. Because instead of spending time cleaning house, I spend all my time reading blogs!

  4. LOL too funny. My cleaning lady has a butt as big as hers and if you ask Matt she has horns coming out of her head! LOL

  5. The Roomba is the closest we've gotten to a Rosie. I'm holding out hope.


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